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Child Safety and Sexual Assault and Exploitation Prevention Resources

The Roseville Police Department recommends several community and and government resources as guides for family safety planning, sexual assault and exploitation prevention and victim resources. 

Children and Vehicles Safety

Roseville Police remind you never to leave your child or pet inside a vehicle while you run errands. The temperature inside of a car is generally hotter than outside temperatures and can climb rapidly. On a 90º F day, the inside of a car can exceed 125º in about 20 minutes. According to the Safe Kids Campaign, children are more vulnerable to heat because a child's body temperature increases 3 to 5 times faster than an adult’s body temperature. Cracking a window is not an effective way to avoid the heat risks involved with leaving a child or pet in a car on a hot day.

Call 911 immediately if your child is locked inside a car. Seek emergency medical attention if your child has been exposed to high temperatures, appears flushed or dizzy, and is not sweating. Teach your children and grandchildren not to play in or around cars. Cars are not childproof. Do not leave keys in a vehicle or where your child can reach them. Contact Police Community Relations Coordinator Tim Hunt for additional auto safety tips.

Child Identification App

The FBI has created a free child identification app available for download at both the iTunes and Google Play stores. Visit the FBI's website for more information.
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