Spring & Summer Camps

School’s Out Eggs-travaganza!

Grades 1-5

Explore bird traits, compare feathers and eggs, play the Migration Game, and cook up a chicken/noodle soup. Try out natural egg dyes and make a Ukrainian “Pysanky” egg. Bring a lunch to eat with soup, and dress for being outside.

#1242.198            Fr         Apr 14            8:30am-12:30pm                $45           @HANC

Pre-K LEGO EXTREME: Machines
For ages 4-5

Build a car with a launcher, a boat, a spinning top using gears, a doggie and much more.  This program will challenge every aspect of your child’s inner-innovator.  We build projects using Duplo LEGO blocks and regular LEGOs to build multiple projects.  Students use the projects to investigate the basic engineering concepts of gears, wheels & axles, pulleys and levers.  They will enjoy our focus on creative thinking, inclusion, teamwork and fun.

#1300.270            M-Th     Jun 12-15              9-11am              @HANC           Regular $94, RV Resident $88 

Preschool Chefs
Ages 4-6

Explore HANC’s beautiful kitchen classroom in this cooking mini-camp for preschoolers! We will have fun with food, learn about good nutrition and discover the “nature” in our food. Get your little ones ready for silly snacks, a food tour around the world, crafty food creations, nature lessons, and more!

#1300.269           W-F      Jul 19-21          9:00-11:30am        @ HANC           Regular $74, RV Resident $66 

Half Day Camp:

 Fish Finders at Lake Bennett

Central Park, entering grades 1-4

Explore underwater habitats, learn about protecting water, understand the need for regulations & increase your fishing skills, all with equipment we supply. Note: Please have your fishers dressed appropriately for outdoors & bring rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, & water bottles. Morning snacks are provided. Drop off & pick up campers at the Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheatre. $84 Regular, $76 RV Resident.

Program #1243.236, M-F Jun 12-16 9:00am-12N

Full-day Summer Camps

HANC Entering grades 1-6

Enjoy mornings of fun nature education & afternoons of outdoor, nature-related recreation. Morning & afternoon snacks provided; bring your own lunch & beverage. NOTE: Be prepared for the outdoors, bring rain gear,
sunscreen, insect repellent & water bottles. Afternoon recreation will include lake swimming, biking & hiking. Drop-off 8-8:30am, pick-up 4:30-5pm.

A Bee’s Life

Meet some bees & watch them work, try collecting pollen, do the waggle dance & more. Get ready for a BUZZING good time as you find out how bees help us, who their relatives are & what happens inside the hive. Also enjoy making a bee house & mixing up a honey treat, all while learning why it’s important to care about bees.

Program # Days of the week Dates Fee (Regular) Fee (Resident)
1243.237 M - F July 10-14 $193 $185
1243.238 M - F am only July 10-14 $116 $108
1243.239 M, W, F July 10, 12, 14 $125 $117
1243.240 M, W, F am only July 10, 12, 14 $76 $68
1243.241 M, Tu, Th July 10, 11, 13 $125 $117
1243.242 M, Tu, Th am only July 10, 11, 13 $76 $68

Animal Architects

Discover the secrets of beaver lodges, bird nests, & gopher tunnels. Examine animal home designs for life underground, in the water, & up in the trees. Test your nest building skills, build a bird house, create & observe an ant farm, & search for animal nests & homes on our trails.

Program # Days of the week Dates Fee (Regular) Fee (Resident)
1243.243 M - F Aug 7-11 $193 $185
1243.244 M - F am only Aug 7-11 $116 $108
1243.245 M, W, F Aug 7, 9, 11 $125 $117
1243.246 M, W, F am only Aug 7, 9, 11 $76 $68
1243.247 M, Tu, Th Aug 7, 8, 10 $125 $117
1243.248 M, Tu, Th am only Aug 7, 8, 10 $76 $68

Nature’s Kitchen Supreme

Make new foods every day & learn some science while you cook. Make your own ice cream, shape & bake soft pretzels, cook pizza in a solar oven, & put together a wild rice pancake breakfast. Nature provides us with many fun & delicious food options.

Program # Days of the week Dates Fee (Regular) Fee (Resident)
1243.249 M - F Aug 21-25 $193 $185
1243.250 M - F am only Aug 21-25 $116 $108
1243.251 M, W, F Aug 21, 23, 25 $125 $117
1243.252 M, W, F am only Aug 21, 23, 25 $76 $68
1243.253 M, Tu, Th Aug 21, 22, 24 $125 $117
1243.254 M, Tu, Th am only Auf 21, 22, 24 $76 $68
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For registration come in person to Roseville Parks and Recreation at City Hall, or by mail, fax or by phone at 651-792-7006 or register online.