Community Engagement Commission

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Overview & Functions

The commission has seven members. The scope, duties and functions of the commission are:

Commission Scope: The City Council has created the Community Engagement Commission to serve in an advisory capacity:
  • Regarding the effective and meaningful involvement of Roseville residents in their community
  • To make recommendations, review policies and suggest strategies that will help to improve city communication and increase a sense of community
Commission Duties and Functions: The commission may:
  • Review and recommend opportunities to collaborate with neighborhood, community, educational, business and social services groups and organizations
  • Recommend strategies for and actively promote and encourage effective and meaningful volunteerism and participation on advisory boards, task forces, commissions and with other participatory civic activities
  • Review and recommend ways to improve the city’s public participation process and policies, identify under-represented groups, remove any barriers, and engage and promote increased participation for all residents (both homeowner and rental populations), businesses, community and neighborhood organizations
  • Review and recommend ways to improve the city’s communications efforts, both printed and electronic, so as to facilitate effective two way communication between the city and all its residents, businesses, community and neighborhood organizations, including making information available in multiple languages
  • Collaborate with city staff to explore and inform the City Council regarding other government efforts in the area of community engagement, as well as the latest trends, technologies, tools, methods and information used to facilitate community engagement, communications and volunteer efforts
  • Advise the City Council on the community's visioning process

Recommended Policies & Strategies

Priority Projects

  1. Assist in the formulation of the 2017 Comprehensive Plan update process (Contact: Eric Tomlinson)
  2. Recommend ways to expand city learning and engagement opportunities (Contact: Chelsea Holub/Michelle Manke)
  3. Form strategies for outreach to under-represented groups (Contact: Theresa Gardella/Amber Sattler)
  4. Implement additional Council suggestions (Contact: Scot Becker)
  5. Advocate for select items from 2014 Community Engagement Commission Recommended Policies and Strategies [no changes from previously adopted version] (Contact: Scot Becker)

Additional Projects

  1. Definitions of Community Engagement and Civic Engagement
  2. Roseville neighborhood associations recommendations
  3. Joint task force with Planning Commission zoning notification recommendations
Meeting Information
The Community Engagement Commission meets the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Agendas & Minutes
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Most meetings are shown live on Roseville Cable Channel 16. You can also view webstreamed meetings:
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