Leaf Removal Options

Fall Tree

Here are some leaf removal options for Roseville residents:

  • Drop off leaves at the Leaf Recycling Center at the southeast corner of Dale St and County Road C. Go to Leaf Recycling Center website or call 651-792-7193 for directions and hours.
  • Use your leaves as mulch to suppress weeds, conserve soil moisture and reduce soil erosion. Layer 2-4 inches of mulch around perennials to help them live through the winter.
  • Visit a Ramsey County Yard Waste Collection Site
  • Use leaves as a Resource: Small amounts of leaves, when shredded with the lawn mower, can be recycled as an organic nutrient source if left on the lawn. This reduces the frequency of raking. Leaves can also be re-used as an ingredient in compost.
  • There are several private contractors that offer similar services to the City's Leaf Pick Up Program.  A simple Google search for "Leaf Vacuum Roseville Minnesota" will provide some options.

Other leaf removal tips:

Mow Them:  Use a lawn mower with a bag attachment to handle leaf debris in your yard.  Disposal becomes a simple matter once the ground-up leaves are collected in the bag.

Vacuum Them:  With a leaf vacuum, you can suck up all the fallen leaves, twigs, acorns, pine cones, and other debris into a bag and then grind them up for mulch or compost.

Blow Them:  Use a leaf blower for managing and redistributing fallen leaves in large yards with a lot of trees.  

Tarp Them:  Put tarps down and blow or rake the leaves on the tarp for easy dragging and removal.

Other leaf recycle tips:

Mulch:  Leaves make great mulch. It is good, if not better than anything you can buy. You can avoid the problem of fungus from wood mulch by using leaves.

Compost:  Adding leaves along with grass, sticks, pine straw and a little soil to your compost pile will result in a high quality compost rich in nitrogen that is ideal for use in all your gardens and plantings around your yard.

Community Recycling:  Offer your bagged leaves to neighbors who use mulch and compost.  Or, drop them off at the Leaf Recycle Center.