Summer Theatre Arts Camps

Rosetown Playhouse offers week-long day camps, plus Spontaneous Invention, a teen improvisation program which meets three times a week for a month. Time to put that imagination to work for lots of fun!

Day Camps

Each week create, rehearse and perform a new play. Camps meet Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-1:00 pm at RAMS Auditorium. Final presentation on Friday. Participants should bring a nut-free bag lunch and refillable water bottle. 

Regular $140; RV Resident $132

Problems in Fairyland

Ever wanted to be a prince or princess?  How about a witch or wizard? The world of fairy tales collides with the world of magic when the Muffinman gets fired from his job and the Four Horsemen of Fairypocalyspe are summoned by the three witches.  Seeking knights in armor, dark magic conjurers, the princess of the woods, trolls, and monsters of every variety!  A great introduction to theater.  
Program # Dates Age Registration Deadline
3306.370 July 6 - 10 7 - 11 July 1

The League of Extraordinary Double Agents

Create your very own Secret Agent (or villain!) this week at camp!  The gang at Evil Masterminds and Geniuses Incorporated are back at work - and it is up to the spies on Thunderball Avenue to stop them.  Will they succeed?  Come find out!  For this camp, we'll get creative with costumes, make up our own games, and have a blast while rehearsing our play.  A great introduction to basic play production and performance for those looking to expand their performance skills.  

Program # Dates Age Registration Deadline
3306.371 July 13 - 17 8 - 12 July 9

Stories from the Undead Pizza Joint

This week, we'll lurk in the world of dark characters: Ghouls, Zombies, Werewolves, and Vampires are featured in this play as we travel to a pizza joint that specializes in pies for the undead.  When a feud between the supernatural families arises, it's up to Papa George to try and make things better again.  A fantastic choice for kids who love the spookiness of Halloween and want to hone their skills in singing, character building and acting. 
Program # Dates Age Registration Deadline
3306.372 July 20 - 24 10 -16 July 16

An Otherworldly Galactic Adventure

Get lost in a world of spaceships, shooting stars, aliens, and interplanetary travel! Be a part of a spaceship crew making their way into the Alpha Quadrant and encountering bizarre humanoids, ghosts, and alien phenomena as they try and solve the mystery surrounding Captain Ulna's untimely death.  All kids with an interest in space, aliens, robots, ray guns, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, or The Hunger Games are encouraged to join!
Program # Dates Age Registration Deadline
3306.373 July 27 - 31 9 - 13 July 23


Registration begins March 10.