Dale Street Parking Lot Improvements


The City of Roseville will be reconstructing the Dale Street Parking Lot in Central Park on the west side of Dale Street located between the soccer fields.  The parking lot will be completely reconstructed with new curb, storm sewer improvements, and new pavement.  When the project is completed the parking lot will be situated for one way traffic as shown in the project layout.  The new layout should provide for better traffic circulation and creates a few additional parking spots.  A rain garden will be installed in the center island as part of the project to provide storm water treatment. 


This project is being funded using City Pathway/Parking Lot funds.  

Park Impacts

The parking lot is currently partially completed and will be open during Rose Fest activities.  Final work on the parking lot will be completed following Rose Fest activities.  All work should be completed by July 7.  Pedestrian access to the park will remain available at all times and vehicle access will be available in the evenings.