B2 and Snelling Intersection Improvement


As part of the Rosedale Shopping Center expansion project, improvements to the intersection of County Road B2 and southbound Snelling Avenue ramps were required.  Improvements include the addition of a second left turn lane for westbound County Road B2 into the mall, a new signal light and ADA sidewalk improvements.  The addition of the left turn lane should help reduce some congestion in this intersection.

The Rosedale Shopping Center, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Ramsey County are paying for the improvements.

Project Schedule

Week of November 6 to November 10
  • Concrete median will be poured for the County Road B2 center medians.
  • North pork chop ADA improvements will begin with curb removal and proposed curb placement and continue with ADA ramp construction.

Traffic Impacts

Phase 2 traffic control is in place with a closure for the inside eastbound and westbound lanes of County Road B2.  Left turn lanes into the mall and to the Snelling Avenue southbound ramp have been provided.  Snelling Avenue ramp access has been maintained.  County Road B2 median modifications are in progress.  Some traffic controls remain in place at mall entrance to delineate the area of the future striped median.
Current TPAR (Temporary Pedestrian Access Route) directs pedestrians to south side of County Road B2 at American Street and at the northbound Snelling Avenue on/off ramps.