Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement Commission

Commission Duties and Functions

Evaluate the City’s outreach efforts, policies, activities, and engagement opportunities to ensure the best and the most equitable practices are being used to engage residents and businesses with the work of the City.
  • Review policies and actions taken by the City that may inhibit full inclusion for those of diverse or underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Understand the demographics of the community.
  • Review opportunities to collaborate with other city commissions, neighborhood, community, educational, business, and social services groups and organizations, identifying ways to encourage mutual understanding among citizens and bring the community together.
  • Have an awareness of human rights related matters in the community and assist the City Council in identifying opportunities to address those matters.
Advise the City Council on recommendations and strategies to improve outreach and communication and increase engagement, equity, and inclusiveness in the City’s efforts to foster a sense of community with residents and businesses.
  • Advise the City Council with respect to providing for equitable opportunity through the City’s policies and actions.
  • Review and recommend ways to improve the City’s interactions with residents, businesses, and community and neighborhood organizations through:
    • Communication efforts to facilitate effective two-way communication whenever possible.
    • Public participation processes, to identify under-represented groups, to remove any barriers and to engage and promote increased participation, including with the community’s various visioning efforts.
    • Recommend strategies for actively promoting and encouraging effective and meaningful volunteerism and service with the City including task forces, commissions and other participatory civic activities.
    • Serve as subject matter experts with regard to community engagement in local government. Explore and recommend to the City Council innovative ideas, including the latest trends, technologies, tools and methods.
Engage residents and businesses through developing or supporting City Council-approved programs, events, and projects that support the commission’s purpose, including:
  • Education programs and community dialogues to assist in creating equitable opportunity and eliminating discrimination.
  • Events or projects that promote connections in the community
  • Events or programs that engage residents and businesses with their city government, facilitating community feedback.