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Policies that Save Lives

The death of George Floyd has caused individuals and institutions to take a closer look at police policies and practices. A campaign called 8 Can’t Wait has identified eight practices that can lead to 72 percent fewer police killings.

In 2018 the City of Roseville Police Department updated its use of force policies and the department complies with all eight 8 Can’t Wait recommended policies. RPD officers regularly train to these policies, including use of force, de-escalation and crisis intervention.

The complete Roseville Police Department Policy Manual continues to be available online.

To see how specific Roseville Police Department policies align with the recommendations made by the 8 Can't Wait campaign, click on one of the images below or the specific page number that references the RPD Policy Manual.

More transparency information and data about the Roseville Police Department is available on RPD's Transparency and Data Sharing webpage. In addition to the department manual, information and data on traffic stops, uses of forces, misconduct and more is available to the public.
4-Last Resort_blue
Officers will not intentionally use airway choke holds to subdue or control individuals
(p. 126).
Officers should use de-escalation techniques and other alternatives to higher levels of force consistent with his or her training whenever possible and appropriate before resorting to force and to reduce the need for force (p. 124).
A verbal warning should precede the use of deadly force, where feasible (p. 128). 

Officers should use advisements, warnings, verbal persuasion, and other tactics and alternatives to higher levels of force (p. 124).
Communicating verbally or non-verbally during a potential force encounter in …an attempt to stabilize the situation and reduce the immediacy of the threat so that more time, options, and resources can be called upon to resolve the situation without the use of force by gaining voluntary compliance or with a reduction in the force necessary (p. 123).
6-Moving Vehicles_blue
Officers have a duty to intercede to prevent the use of excessive force. Any officer present and observing another officer using force that is clearly unreasonable under the circumstances must, when in a position to do so safely, intercede to prevent the use of excessive force (p. 125).
Officers should move out of the path of an approaching vehicle instead of discharging their firearm at the vehicle or any of its occupants (p. 128).
Officers shall limit their use of force to the least amount of force reasonably necessary to accomplish their intended objective, to overcome the resistance encountered, and to protect the safety of others
(p. 126).
Any use of force by a member of this department shall be documented promptly, completely and accurately in a report….The supervisor shall review each use of force by any personnel within their command to ensure compliance with the policy and to address any training issues (p. 129).
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