Inclusive Play Expansion - Central Park

Project Update

The installation of the inclusive playground is nearly complete. The site is currently open for use, though there are a few loose ends to be wrapped up.  

In 2021, an expansion of inclusive play opportunities is planned for Central Park, west of Victoria St.  The project was developed in conjunction with the Friends of Roseville Parks (FOR Parks) and is being funded entirely by a donation that was facilitated by the FOR Parks. 

FOR Parks is a 501(c)3 organization that raises funds for the benefit of Roseville Parks and Recreation, regarding a significant donation to be used for an expansion of inclusive play opportunities in Roseville.

CP Map

Project Goals

Based on community feedback, consultation with experts, and the wishes of the donor, the following goals have been established for the project: 

  • Provide a unique, universal play experience for children and adults of all ability levels, including those that use wheelchairs and/or have additional needs
  • Provide a "premier, first-class" experience
  • Fit within the existing park infrastructure (not disruptive to existing park amenities/users)
  • Provide outdoor fitness opportunities for adults of all ability levels

Engagement and Design Process

During the initial planning, an analysis of possible sites, possible project scope and feasibility was undertaken by parks and recreation staff, residents and playground experts. Representatives visited other inclusive playgrounds in the Twin Cities and possible sites in Roseville and provided feedback for the initial design. This group developed a concept that used the existing structure (installed in 2015) at Central Park, Victoria West but added additional key features to make the site more inclusive and enjoyable for users of all ability levels. In addition to an improved playset, the project plans to add several "adult fitness pods" to Central Park. 

Initial designs and concepts were available for review in September. In this phase, more than 130 residents provided feedback via online comments, in-person meetings and a virtual meeting.  Additionally, staff consulted with experts in inclusive play and individuals with children who have physical disabilities prior to completing the final design. 

Planned Playground Renovations

To maximize the benefit of the existing structure, while improving the inclusivity, the following changes have been proposed: 

  • Replace all engineered wood fiber with "Poured In Place" or turf surface
  • Complete the concrete "loop" around the play site
  • Add additional play elements including a rolling slide, wee-go round, quiet space and climbing features to the hillside areas.
  • Add an additional "ramped area" to get from the concrete loop so that children in chairs have two options to access the climber/slide features.

(proposed site rendering video)

1145645-01-05-03 SMALL
WeGoRound Small
1145645-01-05-05 SMALL

Proposed Adult Fitness Elements

In addition to the inclusive play elements, this project proposes the addition of adult "fitness pods" to central park.  Fitness pods are small workout areas that could be stationed at locations along the central park path to allow additional fitness options for park users. 

Let us know which pieces of equipment are appealing to you and where you would suggest that we place them. 

Contact staff with suggestions

Row Push Up
Chiar Press

Project Timeline

Work on this playground project is currently under consturction. The project is estimated to be complete by mid to late summer 2021. 

Work on the fitness pods is expected to begin in late summer 2021. 

Contact Staff

Matthew L. Johnson, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

(651) 792-7102