Upper Villa Sediment Pond Stormwater Improvements

In the winter of 2022-23, the City will make improvements to Sediment Pond (the northern-most pond) in Upper Villa Park.  This pond was constructed in 1985 as a flood reduction and water quality project for Lake McCarrons.  The pond captures stormwater from approximately 1,023 acres, and allows sediment to drop out before the water outlets and flows through a series of wetlands towards Lake McCarrons.  The Capitol Region Watershed District also uses Sediment Pond for monitoring purposes to collect water quality and flow data.  

The proposed improvements will include replacing the outlet on the SE side of the pond near the walking bridge, tree management, and dredging the pond of accumulated sediment.  Currently there is approximately 1,600 cubic-yards (160 dump truck loads) of sediment that needs to be removed from the NW end of the pond where the stormwater enters.   

In the late summer of 2022, the City will contract with a company to trap turtles that use Sediment Pond as a location to hibernate over the winter.  Turtles that are trapped will be relocated to the wetlands downstream of Sediment Pond.   

The work to the pond will help protect the water quality of the downstream wetlands and Lake McCarrons.  

Sediment Pond Location
Sediment Pond