2023 Drainage Improvement Projects

The City of Roseville will be making modifications to the existing storm sewer system at four different locations this summer.  The modifications are related to normal maintenance, and/or to expand on the existing system to help improve local drainage, flooding, and water quality.  

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Little Lake Johanna Outlet 

An aged storm sewer pipe will be removed and replaced that drains from County Road D/Shorewood Lane to Little Lake Johanna.

Oakcrest Avenue

A new manhole will be installed that has a sump and a baffle structure to reduce the pollutant load draining to the Central Park wetlands.  This sump will be inspected annually and maintained as needed.

Aglen Street

A storm sewer pipe will be installed in a drainage easement to reduce a localized drainage issue.

Concordia Meadows Atrium Pond

The pond is going to be maintained (inlet, outlet, and dredging) to get the existing pond back to the original design.  The north part of the pond is going to be expanded to increase the amount of treatment the pond provides, and to help with downstream flooding issues.  A storm sewer pipe is also going to be rerouted to increase the amount of water draining to the pond, and to help with the overall function of the trunk storm sewer line.


  • Reducing localized street flooding
  • Eliminating downstream property damage 
  • Reducing phosphorus draining towards Villa Park wetlands and Lake McCarrons 


Construction will have very limited impacts to access for the adjacent properties during construction.  The City will work with the contractor to ensure there is adequate access before and after their working hours.  


The following start dates are weather dependent and will be completed by November 30:

September 26 - Concordia Meadows
TBD - Aglen Street
Completed on September 22 - Little Lake Johanna
Completed on September 25 - Oakcrest Ave

Final restoration will be completed late 2023, and will carry over into the spring/summer of 2024.


Bituminous Roadways, Inc.