Housing & Redevelopment Authority

Overview of Housing & Redevelopment Authority
Welcome to the Roseville Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA). The HRA’s resource team stands ready to help you find the information you need. The mission of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority is to contribute to a strong city economy and vibrant community through environmental stewardship, investment of resources, and intentional leadership.  Roseville’s HRA works to:
  • Create a Sense of Community by embracing the diversity of its residents and being responsive to residents’ ever-changing housing and business needs
  • Foster Innovation and Flexibility in housing design and business development
  • Communicate the Unique Benefits of Roseville as a destination and place where people want to live and work. 
We serve our community’s needs through the spirit of professionalism and integrity of the members of the board and staff.
Board Members Contact Information
Susan Elkins stone1947@comcast.net
Jason Etten jason.etten@gmail.com
Vicki Lee vicki.lee@comcast.net
Bill Majerus 651-487-1646
Bill Masche billmasche@gmail.com
Dean Maschka dmaschka@firstresourcegroup.com
Dan Wall dwall@gmwlaw.com
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Strategic Plan & Budget
Meetings of the HRA are held at Roseville City Hall on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6 pm with the following exceptions:  In March the HRA will meet Tuesday, March 31 at 6 pm; in December the HRA does not have a scheduled meeting. The HRA also meets jointly each quarter with the City Council.  The last quarterly meeting occurred on February 9th. Council Packet (See agenda Item 11 b - it begins on page 75 of the packet.)

Special Meeting: The HRA will hold a special meeting Friday, February 27, at 6 pm in the Council Chambers to discuss conveying the HRA's property at the following addresses to the City of Roseville:
  • 2325 Dale Street 
  • 657 Cope Avenue
  • 661 Cope Avenue
  • 667 Cope Avenue
  • 675 Cope Avenue
Agendas, Minutes & Packet
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Webstream Meetings
Most meetings are shown live on Roseville Cable Channel 16. You can also view webstreamed meetings: 
The most recent meeting will automatically start playing. To view an older meeting click on the archived tab.
Housing Resource Center
  • Advice on home improvement loans
  • Free construction consultations
  • Housing information
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Single Family Home Loans
  • Apply for a Roseville home improvement loan
  • Apply for MHFA fix-up fund loan and rehabilitation loan
  • Apply for Ramsey County deferred loan for basic home repairs
  • Obtain a loan to make your home more energy efficient
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Multifamily Property Loans
  • Apply for Roseville multifamily rental loan program
  • Make improvements to your condominium building
  • Get financing for rehabilitation of your rental property
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Living Smarter Fair
  • Energy and environmental sustainability
  • Gardening for healthy living
  • Home improvement
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Avoiding Foreclosure
  • Do you have trouble making your mortgage payments?
  • Do you have questions about changes to your loan?
  • Have you been foreclosed on and want to buy a home?
  • Have your monthly payments increased?
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Energy Efficiency & Remodeling
  • Access planbooks with remodeling ideas
  • Learn about residential energy efficiency incentives
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