When is a permit required?
Most building and construction permits are obtained through the Building Inspections Department of the City of Roseville. However, the Engineering Department oversees 3 areas of permitting.

A permit is required if any of the following apply to your proposed project. Some of these characteristics are not readily apparent or identifiable by applicants, so feel free to submit your plans to the City for a determination as to whether or not a permit is required. Additionally, the City is willing to hold pre-application meetings with applicants to discuss their project, preliminary plans, and City rules and policies.

Erosion Control Permits
All sites that are greater than 10,000 square feet and / or within the shoreland overlay district

Right-of-Way Permits
Any work performed in the City of Roseville within the street Right-of-Way requires a permit. Right-of-Way is the property on which the street is located and that extends behind the curb approximately 10 to 15 feet.
Storm Water Permits
  • Construction activity resulting in 5,000 square feet or more of new or reconstructed impervious surface area.
  • Surface soil disturbance or removal of vegetative cover on:
    • One half acre or more of land, regardless of location
    • Any land alteration within the wetland/shoreland management district
  • Constructing, improving, repairing or altering the hydraulic characteristics of a utility, bridge or culvert.
  • Constructing, improving, repairing or altering an existing or new public or private drainage system (open or tiled).