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City Council


City Council Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2012
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1.         Roll Call

Mayor Roe called to order the Roseville City Council regular meeting at approximately 6:00 pm. and welcomed everyone. (Voting and Seating Order: McGehee; Willmus; Johnson; Pust; and Roe).  City Attorney Mark Gaughan was also present. 


Mayor Roe noted that Councilmember Johnson was unavoidably detained returning from an out-of-town trip and unable to attend tonight; and that Councilmember Pust had previously indicated she would be unavailable for tonight’s meeting.


2.         Approve Agenda

Given the minimal number of Councilmembers available for tonight’s meeting, Councilmember Willmus suggested taking action only on Consent Agenda items and Business Items 12.a, b, and c; and deferring other items to a future meeting.  Councilmember Willmus advised that, due to a family health issue, he would need to leave the meeting as soon as Action Items had been resolved with a quorum present.


Mayor Roe agreed to moving Action items forward on the agenda and limiting Items for tonight’s agenda.  However, Mayor Roe noted that the Joint Meeting with the Police Civil Service Commission would be held tonight, but the Agenda adjusted to handle action items first.


Councilmember McGehee requested removal of Consent Item 7.f entitled, “Establish a Public Hearing to Authorize the Sale of $17 Million in Bonds to Finance the Completion of a New Fire Station and Funding for the Park Renewal Program.


McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, the agenda as amended.


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


3.         Public Comment

Mayor Roe called for public comment by members of the audience on any non-agenda items.  No one appeared to speak at this time.


4.            Council Communications, Reports, Announcements and Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) Report


5.         Recognitions, Donations, Communications


a.            Proclaim Hispanic Heritage Month

Mayor Roe read a proclamation recognizing September 15 – October 15, 2012 as Hispanic Heritage Month; inviting all members of the Roseville community to celebrate “Many Backgrounds, Many Stories… One American Spirit.”


Willmus moved, McGehee seconded, proclaiming September 15 – October 15, 2012 as Hispanic Heritage Month in Roseville.


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


6.         Approve Minutes

Comments and corrections to draft minutes had been submitted by the City Council prior to tonight’s meeting and those revisions were incorporated into the draft presented in the Council packet.


a.            Approve Minutes of August 27, 2012 Meeting

McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, approval of the minutes of the August 27, 2012 meeting as amended.


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


7.            Approve Consent Agenda

There were no additional changes to the Consent Agenda than those previously noted.  At the request of Mayor Roe, City Manager Malinen briefly reviewed those items being considered under the Consent Agenda.


a.            Approve Payments

McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, approval of the following claims and payments as presented.    


ACH Payments







Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


b.            Approve Business and Other Licenses

McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, approval of license applications for the following applicants:


Type of License

Catherine Nixon, Takina Ampex, Joshua Bruyning

Massage Envy Roseville; 2480 Fairview Avenue

Massage Therapist


Concordia Academy; 2400 N Dale Street

Temporary On-Sale Liquor


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


c.            Adopt Updated Ramsey County All Hazard Mitigation Plan

McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11004 (Attachment A) entitled, “A Resolution Adopting the Ramsey County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan.”

Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


d.            Direct Staff to Advertise Vacancies on the Human Rights Commission

Councilmember McGehee personally thanked Commissioner Thelma McKenzie for her service on the Human Rights Commission; noting her resignation was due to her move outside the Roseville community.


Mayor Roe concurred, noting that a formal recognition of Commissioner McKenzie would be held at a future meeting.


McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, directing staff to advertise for applications to serve on the Human Rights Commission, with applications due to the City by October 10; interviewed scheduled for October 15, 2012; and appointment at the October 22, 2012 City Council meeting.


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


e.            Adopt a Resolution to Amend the 2006 Healthcare Facilities Revenue Note for Wingspan Life Resources

McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11005 (Attachment A) entitled, “Resolution Approving the Amendment to a Health Care Facilities Revenue Note and Authorizing the Execution of Documents Related Thereto (Wingspan Project).”


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.

g.    Approve License Center Lease Extension

Councilmember McGehee, for public information, noted that the Lease Extension provided for the City to be able to terminate the lease before the four (4) year term if an option was needed.


McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, approval of a four (4)-year lease extension with the Lexington Shopping Center for purposes of operating the City’s License Center.

Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


h.    Approve Resolution Awarding Bid for 2012 Storm Sewer Main Lining

Councilmember McGehee, for public information, noted that the lining lifecycle was estimated to be fifty (50)-years; and was done as a cost-saving option, not as a temporary, stop-gap measure.


McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11006 (Attachment A) entitled, “Resolution Awarding Bids for Storm Sewer Lining Project;” to Visu-Sewer, Inc. of Pewaukee, WI, in an amount not to exceed $145,010.00.


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


i.     Approve General Purchases and Sale of Surplus Items in Excess of $5,000.

McGehee moved, Willmus seconded, approval of the following purchases and/or contracts for service:






PW, Parks

Tracker Software Corporation

Asset Management Software


PW, Parks


ArcGIS License – Asset Management Software



Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


          Councilmember McGehee noted for the record that the lining of the sewers had         an anticipated 50 year life span so that these projects were not “stop gap”          measures.  She also noted that the contract for the license center did have the         option to cancel without penalty should the city actually find or construct an          appropriate site on city property during the next four years, the duration of the    contract.



8.            Consider Items Removed from Consent


f.             Establish a Public Hearing to Authorize the Sale of $17 Million in Bonds to Finance the Completion of a new Fire Station and Funding for the Park Renewal Program

At the request of Mayor Roe, City Manager Malinen briefly reviewed the purpose of this requested action simply to establish a Public Hearing, as detailed in the Request for Council Action dated September 10, 2012.


Councilmember McGehee, recognizing other needs identified in the 2013 budget (e.g. infrastructure, capital improvements), opined that she felt strongly that the bonding funds may be directed elsewhere or possibly not pursued at this time.


Willmus moved, McGehee seconded, scheduling a Public Hearing for September 24, 2012 to consider the sale of $17 million in General Obligation Bonds to finance the completion of a new fire station and to continue funding the Park Renewal Program.


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


Mayor Roe reiterated that Action Items 12.a, b, and c would be taken up before presentations to accommodate Councilmember Willmus’ need to leave the meeting as soon as possible, eliminating a quorum present.


12.         Business Items (Action Items)


a.            Receive Updated Recommendations from the CIP Subcommittee

Mayor Roe briefly presented Phase II of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)  Subcommittee, as detailed in the Memorandum dated September 10, 2012 from the Subcommittee; noting that that the Subcommittee was made up of City Councilmember Johnson, City Manager Malinen, Finance Director Chris Miller, and Mayor Roe.  Mayor Roe reviewed the purpose of the Subcommittee and their subsequent recommendations, and the 2013 “bottom line” needs identified in Page 9 of the report, with those recommendations effectively increasing the 2013 tax-generated levy in the amount of $185,000 for CIP needs.  Mayor Roe highlighted those CIP needs specifically for street light replacement, currently unfunded; and Information Technology and voting machine needs.  Mayor Roe reviewed the balance of changes (Chart, page 9) incrementally over the next eight (8) years at a maximum annual levy increase of $200,000, also requiring repurposing of levy funding.  Mayor Roe advised that the Subcommittee wanted to provide their recommendations prior to tonight’s discussion and decision in setting the Preliminary, not-to-exceed 2013 budget and levy, necessary for submission to the Ramsey County Auditory by September 15, 2012. 


Councilmember McGehee expressed the way the decision-making was done by the City Council in looking at the CIP, General Budget, and Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) budget as three (3) separate items, rather than as a package since they all involved tax levies and expenditure of public monies.


In her personal calculations, Councilmember McGehee estimated that those CIP Subcommittee recommendations (page 9 of their memorandum) and full bond funding, would add a net levy over a ten (10)-year period of 113% levy increase.  Councilmember McGehee noted that the Department Strategic Plan documents indicated a staff increase of 12.5 full-time equivalents (FTE) from 2012 to 2017; and if the City moved forward with full bonding, it would add an additional $2.2 million in debt service every year during the period outlined, representing that 113%.  Councilmember McGehee opined that, when the amounts were considered in isolation, it didn’t provide a full picture of things coming forward. 


Councilmember McGehee stated that, when the biennial budget process was started, she had been surprised to hear a fellow Councilmember state that the only levy increase in 2012 would be for employee cost of living adjustments (COLA) and perhaps only a 2-3% increase.  Councilmember McGehee opined that the City was now looking at a 17.1% increase, plus the HRA and CIP increases.  As a process, Councilmember McGehee opined that things needed to be considered together in one vision; and while the recommendations are a great start for the CIP, these initiatives had been started prior to economic changes, which provided no indications of improving any time soon.  Councilmember McGehee stated that the other community visioning done to-date (e.g. Parks Master Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and Imagine Roseville 2025) were also done prior to the current economic situation.


Councilmember McGehee referenced an article in today’s Star Tribune about infrastructure throughout Minnesota; as well as a recent PBS story on Minnesota infrastructure entitled, “Liquid Assets” that discussed this very critical problem for many Minnesota communities. 


Councilmember McGehee opined that a meaningful and timely discussion was needed for the City Council and community at this time.


b.            Adopt a Preliminary 2013 Tax Levy and Budget

Mayor Roe provided a bench handout entitled, “2013 Property Tax Levy Analysis dated 9/10/12;” attached hereto and made a part hereto.


Mayor Roe reviewed the rationale for taking these actions all together, for the specific purpose identified by Councilmember McGehee, to review the overall picture.  Mayor Roe opined that he was confident in the process looking at the broader situation; and concurred that the body does and should continue to look at that broad picture.


At the request of Mayor Roe, Finance Director Chris Miller provided a brief summary of actions detailed the Request for Council Action dated September 10, 2012; and adoption of three (3) resolution to adopt the Preliminary Budget and Levy for 2013, and to direct Ramsey County how to adjust the City’s debt service levies in 2013 as changes in interest earnings occurred; with drafts of those customary resolutions included in the meeting materials. 


Mr. Miller noted that the meeting materials included the documents already presented to the City Council to-date; with additional information previously requested also included (e.g. reserve funds, Ramsey County housing values) and other materials provided for reference.


Since the August 27, 2012 meeting, Mr. Miller reviewed several changes, including a reduction in projected Ramsey County dispatch fees for Police and Fire calls ($30,000 less than projected) with the 2013 levy reduced accordingly.  Mr. Miller also noted, as Mayor Roe spoke to, the CIP Subcommittee recommendations created an additional $185,000 for 2013 tax-supported funding that was not reflected in tonight’s meeting materials.


Mr. Miller noted that tonight’s action was to establish a Preliminary 2013, not-to-exceed budget; with several additional meetings scheduled for the City Council to review the 2013 Budget and Levy prior to final adoption in December of 2012.


At the request of Mayor Roe, Mr. Miller advised that the not-to-exceed status was basically just for the Levy, since the City Council has the discretion to amend its budget at any time during a given year.


Referencing page 1 of the RCA, Councilmember Willmus clarified that the Fire/Police Dispatch increase had originally been estimated at $66,000.


Councilmember Willmus, referencing page 3 of the memorandum regarding reserves (Attachment G), asked if these vehicle/equipment replacement accounts were not essentially sub-accounts already included in the General Fund.


Mr. Miller responded negatively, that they were separate funds outside the General Fund; but clarified that they were not Enterprise Funds.


At the request of Councilmember Willmus, Mr. Miller clarified the five (5) Enterprise Funds: Golf Course, Recycling, Sewer, Water, and Sanitary Sewer.


At the request of Councilmember McGehee, Mayor Roe and Finance Director Miller clarified that the additional $185,000 CIP recommendation would increase the projected Preliminary, not-to-exceed 2013 levy increase from 14.5% to 15.8%.


Mayor Roe reiterated that, between tonight and the final adoption in December, the City Council would have several opportunities to review and adjust the Levy; as well as to be aware of additional assumptions and more specific information moving forward (e.g. confirmation on employee health care costs).  However, Mayor Roe noted that tonight’s action established a ceiling above which the City Council was not legally allowed to increase.


Councilmember McGehee asked for additional background research by staff as follows:

1)    What are the typical vehicle replacement milestones or standards of other metropolitan for public works and police vehicles;

2)    How do other cities handle their street payments when repairing or replacing them (e.g. Roseville assesses 25% of street costs to residents, but what do commercial properties pay?).  Councilmember McGehee referenced the City of Edina that charges all properties 100%.  Councilmember McGehee asked for a review of those other rates as well.

3)    Given the amount of infrastructure installed in the Twin Lakes area to-date, would there be any gain if the City closed out that tax increment financing (TIF) District earlier to create an additional funding source to be used for other expenses.


Mayor Roe noted, specific to the TIF District, any remaining funds needed to be balanced with additional infrastructure needs in that area that remain pending as development moved forward.  Mayor Roe clarified that the District had a limited term, and that any development needed to occur within that certain time frame.


Councilmember McGehee stated that Roseville citizens had already paid a lot of money into infrastructure in the Twin Lakes area.  Plans to have that money or future money repaid by the faux impact fee had failed and perhaps additional needs should be handled directly by the development needing the service.


In noting the additional budget discussion necessary going forward, Councilmember Willmus asked that a future meeting be dedicated to those discussions, without significant other agenda items to review.


Mayor Roe suggested a more discussion-oriented meeting in October or November for the lion’s share of budget discussions, with only other necessary items included on those agendas.


Councilmember McGehee suggested a work session versus business meeting for more detailed discussions, and including opportunities for public input.


Mayor Roe advised that the public is always welcome to communicate, in a variety of ways, and he would review upcoming meeting agendas and schedules with staff.


While reserving the right to offer some changes as the process moved forward, Councilmember Willmus advised that he would support the Preliminary Levy and Budget as outlined and updated by staff.


At the request of Mayor Roe, Finance Director Miller provided revised amounts for the requested actions.


Willmus moved, McGehee seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11007 (Attachment A) entitled, “Resolution Submitting the Preliminary property Tax Levy on Real Estate to the Ramsey County Auditor for the Fiscal Year of 2013;” amended as follows: Programs & Services, with the additional $185,000.00 as recommended by the CIP Subcommittee, increasing that amount to $14,179,826.00; the Debt Service remaining at $3,140,000.00; and the Total amount now at $17,319,826.00.


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


Willmus moved, McGehee seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11008 (Attachment B) entitled, “Resolution Directing the County Auditor to Adjust the Approved Tax Levy for 2013 Bonded Debt.”


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


Willmus moved, McGehee seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11009 (Attachment C) entitled, “Resolution Adopting the Preliminary 2013 Annual Budget for the City of Roseville;” with lines 200-201 (page 7 ) amended as follows: “…The City of Roseville’s Budget for 2013 in the amount of $45,485,010.00, of which $21, 831,042.00 is designated for the property tax-supported programs, be hereby accepted and approved.”


Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


In response to citizen comments previously directed to her suggesting that the “City Council give the budget back to staff to fix and adjust,” Councilmember McGehee advised that those items included had already been discussed by the City Council and Council had directed staff to include them in the budget.


Mayor Roe noted that, specific to the bond issue debt service for the $10 million in bonds issued in 2011, the City was obliged by law to pay that debt; and even if additional budget cuts are found, that obligation would remain.


c.            Adopt the 2013 Preliminary HRA Tax Levy

Mayor Roe referenced an e-mail received by the City Council from HRA Executive Director Patrick Trudgeon that included the HRA Budget and Strategic Plan as background documentation for their budget request.


Mayor Roe sought clarification on the residential rehabilitation program of $200,000.


HRA Executive Director Trudgeon advised that this item had not been detailed during the HRA’s joint meeting with the City Council and expanded on the purpose for this $200,000 Housing Replacement Program, identified in Goal 3 (Single-Family Housing) of the Strategic Plan’s Implementation Program grid. 


Mr. Trudgeon noted that the City Council and HRA had identified this as an important need, and the intent of this trial program was to purchase homes determined dilapidated or beyond repair, demolish them, and put the lot back on the market for in-fill new homes.  Mr. Trudgeon clarified that it was not the intent for the HRA to own those homes, and provided a recent home available on Rice Street, an older home in foreclosure, that the City could have purchased for $69,000 and demolished, but was unable to do so do to a lack of available resources and time to do so.  Mr. Trudgeon advised that the rationale was that by new homes being constructed in neighborhoods, it would serve to raise the market values of adjacent homes within that neighborhood.  Mr. Trudgeon noted that this was a new program, and the HRA had no past experience with such a program.


In response to Mayor Roe’s attempt to determine the net cost to the City, and not intending to make money, Mr. Trudgeon advised that the $200,000 was intended as seed money, and while the HRA hoped to recapture some costs, with demolition costs and original purchase price, it may not be self-supporting but could provide for a revolving loan fund, if 1-2 homes per year could be addressed.


Mayor Roe noted that by purchasing existing homes at their current value it would be higher than potential empty lot sales, not allowing the HRA to recoup demolition and original costs, thus the need for a net loss in the budget, in an effort to spur housing redevelopment.


Mr. Trudgeon concurred with Mayor Roe’s statement, in addition to funding operating costs.


Councilmember McGehee stated that, while she was in general agreement with the goals and ideas expressed in the HRA’s Strategic Plan, she had a general purpose problem in authorizing the money without the City Council retaining any control after that point, allowing the HRA to do as they chose.  Specific to this proposed program, Councilmember McGehee noted that there was concern expressed in the recent past about homes being built in neighborhoods that didn’t match the rest of the neighborhood (e.g. McMansions).  If the HRA embarked on such a program, Councilmember McGehee asked that consideration be given or a stipulation in City Code that infill housing could not be out-of-character from the existing neighborhood.


Mr. Trudgeon responded that this is a fair concern to ensure similar development.  While no current program guidelines had been developed until a program had been approved, he advised that the HRA would want to preview plans for any infill housing to make sure they were compatible; and to avoid someone purchasing a lot for new construction and then seek variances.  Mr. Trudgeon advised that the program criteria would need to be vetted if it moved forward; and that demonstration criteria, in addition to the City’s current design standards and code requirements should suffice.  To-date, Mr. Trudgeon advised that this was not a tremendous problem in Roseville, with a number of infill lots having redeveloped and typically in character with surrounding homes.  However, Mr. Trudgeon noted that the HRA and staff were well aware of the need to be cautious and proactive.


At the request of Councilmember Willmus as to current design controls could address those concerns, Mayor Roe noted that the newly-adopted design standards and codes were intended to address and prevent such occurrences and keep housing in character within neighborhoods.  Councilmember Willmus also noted that the HRA could use deed restrictions to control that issue.


At the request of Mayor Roe, Finance Director Miller clarified that the HRA Levy was also a Preliminary, not-to-exceed levy.


Roe moved, Willmus seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11010 (Attachment A) entitled, “A Resolution Submitting the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, in and for the City of Roseville, Special Property Tax Levy on Rea Estate to the Ramsey County Auditor for the Fiscal Year of 2013;” in the amount of $698,471.00.

Roll Call

            Ayes: McGehee; Willmus; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


Mayor Roe returned to the presentations (Items 10.a and b) and thanked the Roseville Visitors Association (RVA) and Police Civil Service Commissioners for their patience in order to allow the City Council to act on items requiring a quorum.

Councilmember Willmus left the meeting at this time, approximately 6:48 p.m.; announcing that he needed to attend to the medical issues of one of his family members.


13.         General Ordinances for Adoption


14.         Presentations


a.            Roseville Visitors’ Association (RVA) Guinness World Record Attempt – Angry Birds

Julie Wearn of the RVA reviewed the upcoming “Largest Mobile Phone Gaming Party” on Saturday, September 15, 2012; an attempt to host the largest number of people (3,000) playing various games on their mobile phones.  Ms. Wearn noted that this was a fundraising effort to obtain a Guinness World Record with the winning school receiving a donation of 30-40 computers from the MN Computers for Schools programs.  Ms. Wearn reviewed the program, how to participate, tickets for voting, and parking opportunities and bussing to deliver participants and attendees to the OVAL.  Ms. Wearn reviewed other events and activities scheduled in conjunction with this family-centered event (e.g. food trucks, bouncing castle).


Ms. Wearn advised that her staff had met with the City’s Police and Fire Departments and were all confident that a fun and safe event was expected.


Ms. Wearn noted that volunteers were needed, and invited registrations at


In response to Councilmember McGehee’s questions regarding whether the event was self-supporting, Ms. Wearn opined that while not anticipated being a major fund raiser, she anticipated that it would be an excellent opportunity to promote Roseville and its hospitality industry as well as the OVAL, with the event web-streamed 24/7 to a worldwide audience.  Ms. Wearn noted that just the attendance of a Guinness adjudicator would capture an extensive audience; and used a similar event at the Mall of America and over 96 million hits their website had received in less than three (3) seconds.  Ms. Wearn opined that the public relations and exposure for the OVAL and the Roseville community should be tremendous.


At the request of Councilmember McGehee, Ms. Wearn reiterated that the Police and Fire Departments, in their meeting with her today, were confident with security surrounding the event; and noted that VIP walkie/talkie communication would be in place throughout the day.


At the request of Councilmember McGehee, Ms. Wearn expressed her interest in working with City staff to attempt to make the event as much of a “zero waste” event as possible.

b.            Joint Meeting with the Police Civil Service Commission

Mayor Roe welcomed members of the Commission to the table.  Those Commissioners present included Mr. Brad VanderVegt and Ms. Zoe Jenkins; with Commissioner Jenkins noting that Commissioner Don Drackert was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.


Ms. Jenkins reviewed the duties and functions of the Commission, under MN Statute 419 and Roseville City Code to provide oversight on the practices of the City’s Police Department, including hiring and promotions.


Ms. Jenkins noted that the hard work done by previous Commissioners in revising rules and regulations and subsequently adopted by the City Council in January of 2011, in addition to the support of Chief Mathwig and the entire Police Department, had made the current Commission’s work very uncomplicated and efficient.  On behalf of the Commission and herself, Ms. Jenkins commended the Chief and the entire department for their hard work, and the overall positive atmosphere of the department and its personnel.  As a member of the Park Patrol who was in and out of the Police Department frequently, Ms. Jenkins expressed her personal observations of the department, opining that “she had never run into a nicer group of people, who were always friendly and cooperative, and terrific to work with.”  Ms. Jenkins attributed that work environment to the leadership of Chief Mathwig.


As discussed by the Commission, Ms. Jenkins noted that fair policies were currently in place, creating a very smooth operation; and making for fewer and shorter meetings for the Commission.  Ms. Jenkins opined that this meant things were going very well, and advised that she and the Commission were very proud of that.


Ms. Jenkins advised that she had met with City Manager Malinen and Communications Specialist Carolyn Curti last week; and the Commission was now apprised of the desire for consistency among commissions; and noted that they were in receipt of Rosenberg’s Rules of Order, and they would be distributed to each Commissioner.


In conclusion, Ms. Jenkins stated that it had been a good year and the Commission was proud of the Roseville Police Department.


While recognizing that the current Commissioners may have missed out on the previous Commission’s heavy lifting and the update they had done several years ago, Mayor Roe noted that repeating their accomplishments bore repeating.


Ms. Jenkins noted that the personnel hiring procedures now in place and cooperation of City Manager Malinen and his staff, was successfully meshing with hiring and promotions in the Police Department.  At the request of Mayor Roe, Ms. Jenkins advised that she saw no issues coming forward outside the norm.


Councilmember McGehee thanked Commissioners for their work; and specifically thanked Chief Mathwig for his leadership style, making for a smooth running department.


15.         Public Hearings


13.      Business Items – Presentations / Discussions


a.            Consider Designating City-School Appointees to School District Commit-



14.      City Manager Future Agenda Review

City Manager Malinen reviewed upcoming agenda items; with some discussion on timing for budget discussions, as well as the bond hearing and potential bond sale authorization scheduled for September 24, 2012.


Councilmember McGehee cautioned that holding the hearing and taking action at the same meeting may cause the public to perceive the bond sale as a “done deal.


Mayor Roe opined that there was no reason the bond sale could not be considered at the same meeting; and if action changed or required tabling to a future meeting, that could also be accommodated.


i.        Councilmember-Initiated Items for Future Meetings



ii.        Adjourn

McGehee moved, Roe seconded, adjournment of the meeting at approximately 7:07 pm.

Roll Call

Ayes: McGehee and Roe.    

            Nays: None.