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City Council

Meeting Agenda

Monday, October 22, 2012, 6:00 pm

City Hall Council Chambers, 2660 Civic Center Drive

Roseville, Minnesota 55113

All Times are Approximate


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6:00 p.m.


Roll Call

Voting & Seating Order: McGehee, Pust, Johnson, Willmus, Roe

6:02 p.m.


Approve Agenda

6:05 p.m.


Public Comment

6:10 p.m. 


Council Communications, Reports and Announcements



Recognitions, Donations and Communications

6:15 p.m.


a. Proclaim November American Indian Month



Approve Minutes

6:20 p.m.


a.    Approve Minutes of October 15, 2012 Meeting              

6:25 p.m.


Approve Consent Agenda



a.  Approve Payments



b.  Approve Business & Other Licenses & Permits



c.  Receive Imagine Roseville 2025 Update



d.  Receive Shared Services Report



e.  Receive Grant Application Report



f.   Authorize an Agreement with Mr. Stanley Jackson for Operation of the Concession Stands at the Roseville Skating Center



g.  Request by property owner, HarMar, Inc. with Semper Development, for Approval of a Parcel RECOMBINATION MINOR SUBDIVISION at 2700-2730 Lincoln Drive and a Drive-Through Facility as a CONDITIONAL USE at 2700 Lincoln Drive



h.  Appoint Youth Commissioner to Human Rights



i.   Award Contract for Engineering Services for the construction of TWIN LAKES 2ND ADDITION Public Improvements



j. Receive 3rd Quarter Financial Report

6:35 p.m.


Consider Items Removed from Consent



General Ordinances for Adoption

6:40 p.m. 


a.  Adopt an Ordinance to Amend the Zoning Code to Add Limited Processing and Production to the Regional Business District’s Permitted Uses  1.1 MB PDF

6:50 p.m. 


b.  Adopt an Ordinance Creating a Zoning Code Definition for Limited Warehousing and Distribution  146 KB PDF






Public Hearings

7:00 p.m.


a.  Consider Currency Exchange License Renewal for 2013: Pawn America Minnesota, LLC



Business Items (Action Items)

7:05 p.m.


a.  Currency Exchange License Renewal for 2013: Pawn America Minnesota, LLC  40 KB PDF

7:10 p.m.


b.  Award Sale of Bonds  84 KB PDF

7:25 p.m.


c.  Consider Temporary Amendment to the City’s Investment Policy with regard to Investing Bond Proceeds  56 KB PDF

7:35 p.m.


d.  Appoint Commissioner to Human Rights Commission  143 KB PDF

7:40 p.m.


e.  Rainbow Foods Liquor Store Alcohol Compliance Failure  647 KB PDF

7:50 p.m.


f.   Love From Minnesota Alcohol Compliance Failure  398 KB PDF

8:00 p.m.


g.  Cedarholm Golf Course Alcohol Compliance Failure  435 KB PDF



Business Items – Presentations/Discussions

8:10 p.m.


a.  Discuss Redevelopment of the Hagen Property at 2785 Fairview Ave. Into Market-Rate Apartments and the Use of Twin Lakes TIF Funds to Assist in the Project  1.67 MB PDF

8:30 p.m.


b.  Receive Neighborhood and Community Engagement Task Force Final Report  238 KB PDF

9:15 p.m.


c.  Discuss Amending Professional Services Policy to Include Best Overall Value General Guidelines  37 KB PDF

9:30 p.m.


d.  Discuss City Manager Evaluation Process  80 KB PDF

9:45 p.m.


e.  City Manager Report of Annual ICMA Conference

9:50 p.m.


City Manager Future Agenda Review

9:55 p.m.


Councilmember Initiated Items for Future Meetings

10:00 p.m.