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City Council

City Council Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2013


1.            Roll Call

Acting Mayor Willmus called to order the Roseville City Council regular meeting at approximately 6:00 pm and welcomed everyone.  Voting and Seating Order: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  City Attorney Mark Gaughan was also present.


Mayor Roe had previously advised he would be unavailable for tonight’s meeting due to a work conflict.


2.         Approve Agenda

Willmus moved, Laliberte seconded, the addition of Item 12.b entitled, “A Resolution Supporting Sales Tax Exemption on City Purchases,” as provided as a bench handout by staff.


                                    Roll Call

               Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

               Nays: None.


McGehee moved, Etten seconded, approval of the agenda as amended.


                                                Roll Call

               Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

               Nays: None.


3.         Public Comment

Acting Mayor Willmus called for public comment by members of the audience on any non-agenda items.  No one appeared to speak at this time.


4.         Council Communications, Reports and Announcements

          Announcements were made regarding several upcoming opportunities, with additional information available online at the City’s website.  Items announced included a meeting of the area League of Women voters on April 25, 2013, with additional information available from Carolyn Cushing at 651/633-0602; several community dinners and dialogues sponsored by the Roseville Human Rights Commission scheduled for April 30 and May 14, 2013, both to be held at the Skating Center (cost if free, but registration required); and an April 12, 2013 deadline to apply for North Suburban Cable Commission scholarships ( website). 


Additional announcements included several meetings scheduled as part of the Parks Renewal Program: 6:30 p.m. on April 9, 2013 at Roseville Skating Center for Howard Johnson Park; 6:30 p.m. on April 11, 2013 at Roseville City Hall for a discussion on the lack of parks in the southwest quadrant of Roseville, and Evergreen Park; 10:00 a.m. on April 13, 2013 at City Hall for a discussion on Reservoir Woods Park; and at 6:30 p.m. on April 16, 2013 at City Hall for a discussion on Oasis Park.  For additional information, contact City Hall (Jeff Evenson at 792-7907).


A financial literacy program hosted by the Human Rights Commission and entitled “On the Margins: People and Communities Locked out of the American Dream” is scheduled for April 16, 2013 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the C-TV Studio at 2670 Arthur Street in Roseville.  Additional information is available from Jeff Holman at the Minnesota Department of Human Rights at 651/539-1090.


Councilmember McGehee reported on her recent attendance at the first of a series of educational programs hosted by the Ramsey County League of Local Governments, providing an opportunity to become aware of water as a resource and management of groundwater.  Councilmember McGehee opined that this was a very timely and interesting topic, and noted the availability of a booklet entitled “Groundwater Digest” available from the Metropolitan Council (651/602-1000) as a free publication providing background information on aquifers; and that the next meeting in the series was scheduled in June of 2013 to discuss solutions.


5.         Recognitions, Donations, Communications


6.            Approve Minutes


a.            Approve Minutes of March 25, 2013 Meeting

Laliberte moved, Etten seconded, approval of the minutes of the March 25, 2013, meeting as presented.


                                                Roll Call

                        Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

                        Nays: None.


7.            Approve Consent Agenda


a.            Approve Payments

Etten moved, McGehee seconded, approval of the following claims and payments as presented.         

ACH Payments







                                                Roll Call

                        Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

                        Nays: None.



b.            Approve Business & Other Licenses & Permits

          Etten moved, McGehee seconded, approval of business license applications for the period of one (1) year, for the following applicants:



Type of License

Gena Drift at Massage Xcape

1767 Lexington Avenue N

Massage Therapist

Temporary Permits

Rotary Club of Roseville

2233 Hamline Avenue N, Suite 620

Temporary Liquor

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

7301 OHMS Lane, Suite, 460; Edina, MN

One-Time Gambling Permit


c.            Approve General Purchases and Sale of Surplus Items In Excess of $5,000

Etten moved, McGehee seconded, approval of the submitted list of general purchases and contracts for services presented as follows:






Budget / CIP


Martin Marietta

Materials, Inc.

Class A aggregate Street

Materials (purchased under existing JPA with City of St. Paul)



Storm Sewer

Ess Brothers

Storm sewer lining project




                                    Roll Call

                        Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

                        Nays: None.


d.            Approve Resolution Awarding Bid for 2013 Pavement Management Project

Etten moved, McGehee seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11063 entitled, Resolution Awarding Bids for 2013 Pavement Management Project;” awarding the bid to north Valley, Inc. of Nowthen, MN in an amount not to exceed $772,193.09.


                        Roll Call

Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

Nays: None.


e.            Award Bid for 2013 Street Maintenance Aggregate Materials and Contractual Concrete

Etten moved, McGehee seconded, approval of 2013 street maintenance aggregate Materials and contractual concrete as follows:


Section 1: Aggregate material

Goodmanson Construction, Inc.


Section 2: Concrete Sidewalk

Landmark Concrete, Inc.


Section 3: Misc. Concrete Work

O’Malley Construction, Inc.


Section 4: Bituminous Pathway

T. A. Schifsky & Sons, Inc.




                        Roll Call

Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

Nays: None.


f.             Award Bid for 2013 Sealcoat Contract

Etten moved, McGehee seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11064 entitled, “Resolution Awarding Bids for 2013 Sealcoat Project;” awarding Alternate B bid to Pearson Brothers, Inc. of Hanover, MN in an amount not to exceed $214,502.50.


                                    Roll Call

            Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

            Nays: None.


g.            Revise Ordinance 1435, an Ordinance Amending Selected Text of Title 10, Zoning Ordinance Specific to the Design Standards Section and [Building] Materials of 1005, 1006, 1007, and 1008

Etten moved, McGehee seconded, enactment of Ordinance Amendment No. 1435 entitled, “An Ordinance Amending Selected Text of Title 10 Zoning Ordinance of the Roseville City Code (Attachment B).”

                                    Roll Call

            Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

            Nays: None.


h.            Consider Approving a Joint Powers Agreement with the City of Lake Elmo for IP Telephony Services

Etten moved, McGehee seconded, approval of a Shared Services Agreement (Attachment A) for the City of Roseville Extension of IP Telephony Services to the City of Lake Elmo.


                                    Roll Call

            Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

            Nays: None.

8.            Consider Items Removed from Consent


9.            General Ordinances for Adoption


12.                 Business Items (Action Items)


a.            Approve Resolution of Support for Street Improvement District Legislation

Public Works Director Duane Schwartz and City Engineer Debra Bloom were present to summarize the Request for Council Action dated April 8, 2013.


Discussion included the current status of this legislation before the State Legislature, with staff advising it had currently passed through a number of committees, with the Tax Committee review still pending; how this would be of benefit to metropolitan versus non-metropolitan communities as detailed in the background information in the RCA, and particularly beneficial in the numerous county thoroughfares in commercial areas throughout Roseville and allowing another financial tool that otherwise remain a challenge for the City to participate in financially, as well as some Chapter 429 projects with assessment challenges based on recent appraisals not always supporting the City’s current assessment policy; and recognizing that the City has a long-term projected shortfall in funding for the City’s CIP. 


Further discussion included the flexibility for individual communities in addressing high impact areas; and the intent of this Street improvement District legislation to address infrastructure, not alternative transportation options.


Acting Mayor Willmus thanked staff for bringing this opportunity forward.


McGehee moved, Etten seconded, adoption of Resolution No. 11065 (Attachment B) entitled, “A Resolution Supporting Legislation Authorizing the Establishment of Municipal Street Improvement Districts.”


                                    Roll Call

            Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

            Nays: None.


b.            Consider a Resolution Supporting Sales Tax Exemption on City Purchases

City Manager Malinen briefly summarized this late-breaking opportunity for the City Council to consider support of legislation for sales tax exemption on City purchases, as outlined in the three (3) bench handouts.


Acting Mayor Willmus asked staff if this was a time-sensitive issue or if it could be held over for next week’s meeting.


City Manager Malinen advised that several hearings had been held today; and all three (3) bills were scheduled to be heard by committee tomorrow, April 9, 2013.


McGehee moved adoption of Resolution entitled, “A Resolution Supporting Sales Tax Exemption on City Purchases;” but Acting Mayor Willmus ruled the motion failed for lack of a second.


Willmus moved, Etten seconded, TABLING this item, directing staff to bring the item forward at the April 15, 2013 meeting.


                                    Roll Call

            Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

            Nays: None.


10.         Presentations


a.            Receive Presentation on Classification and Compensation Study Outcomes

City of Roseville Human Resources Director Eldona Bacon was present for the presentation, and introduced Springsted Consultant Ms. Ann Antonsen.  Ms. Bacon noted that this classification and compensation study excluded the City’s Fire Department; and reviewed a summary of the Presentation Agenda and reviewed Roseville’s Current Practices.


          Ms. Antonsen reviewed the 2012 Study Objectives and Survey Methodology, noting that the positions under review had been reduced from 47 to 42 due to limited or inconsistent data for analysis, and represented two (2) separate gathering efforts followed by a detailed analysis of each position, and comparable positions from other communities to those of Roseville, with thirteen (13) benchmark positions reviewed that allowed an analysis for most pay grades represented in non-union positions.  Ms. Antonsen further reviewed Benchmarks and Comparables based on that 2012 data; Benchmarks Outcomes; City Council Pay Comparison; and recommended a subsequent discussion by the City on its Pay Philosophy and Policy, and Ongoing Strategies.


          Acting Mayor Willmus thanked Ms. Antonsen for her presentation.


          Councilmember McGehee questioned the data for the maximum and average maximum salaries for the thirteen benchmark positions, with Ms. Antonsen confirming that all of the positions analyzed fell below the average maximum.


          Councilmember McGehee noted the amount of paper spent on the City Council comparisons versus that of staff; and disputed the rationale in comparing positions of larger population and geographical size than that of Roseville, as well as those smaller (e.g. Richfield) and why those particular communities were chosen. 


          Ms. Antonsen responded that the ten (10) cities were derived based on their comparable and consistent job classifications similar with those of Roseville in type and level of service, whether larger or smaller.  When performing market surveys, Ms. Antonsen noted that there were no organizations that would be found exactly the same as Roseville; therefore, they tried to look for consistency in other areas as mentioned in the methodology.


          Councilmember Laliberte observed that, while she was not yet on the City Council when this study was implemented last fall, since then the City Council had repeatedly asked for the study results, and opined that those results seemed to take a long time for presentation.  Given that length of time, Councilmember Laliberte questioned if the information in the end result was credible and useful, or just pulled together for presentation purposes.


          Ms. Antonsen advised that the purpose of the extended length of time in providing the results had been to ensure sufficient data was available to perform a credible analysis.  In using League of Minnesota Cities data, Ms. Antonsen advised that a number of gaps remained since all positions were not covered; causing their firm to decide to re-contact all responding cities after January of 2013; and allowing for very comprehensive data for all cities based on that additional timeframe.


          Councilmember Laliberte asked that Ms. Antonsen or Ms. Bacon further expound on proposed recommendations.


          Ms. Bacon reviewed the four (4) recommendations as detailed in the presentation materials; and including abandoning the merit pay system and creating a performance component to the compensation plan proposed to be phased in for a total implementation cost of $195,000 to increase compensation by 4.6%; reclassifying some eight (8) positions based on job classification points; and adjusting City Council pay to 100% of the market average.


          Councilmember Etten questioned what was being addressed from a Human Resources or staff level beyond internal conflicts between union and non-union pay.


          Ms. Bacon advised that during the study and since the market had picked up, the City had experienced considerable turnover, noting that often that turnover was in its better performing employees.  Ms. Bacon further advised that as Baby Boomers began to retire, it would also open up additional opportunities for employees, who may not choose to stay in Roseville if they could make 5-6% more elsewhere.  If the City is unable to remain market competitive as a pay provide, Ms. Bacon expressed her concerns that it could not retain its valuable, experienced employees.  Ms. Bacon further noted that already the applicant pool is not proving quite as good as in the past, with some “A” performers no longer applying for City positions.


          At the request of Councilmember Etten, Ms. Bacon confirmed that exit interviews with employees indicated that often they were leaving in part due to salary, while some were leaving for more challenging positions.


          At the request of Councilmember Laliberte, Ms. Antonsen advised that there were very few positions where the City was actually paying above the average; and even those positions remained fairly close to the market, but that the majority of the 42 positions were found below market.


          Ms. Bacon concurred, noting that all of those paying above average were within a 1-2% range.


Councilmember Etten noted the need for more detailed data to show the big picture as well as individual department data, allowing the City Council better analysis showing salary comparisons with job categories.


Going forward, Acting Mayor Willmus concurred, and advised that the City Council needed the full study for their review prior to any proposed action by the City Council.  Acting Mayor Willmus questioned where the City Council Pay Study comparison came from, since he didn’t remember the City Council initiating the process.  Prior to any possible adjustments, Acting Mayor Willmus advised that he would need to review it as part of future budget discussions.


          City Manager Malinen advised that staff had included it to provide an opportunity for review, as long as the market was being reviewed.


          Councilmember Laliberte concurred with Acting Mayor Willmus; and also requested that the full study be provided, along with those items requested by Acting Mayor Willmus; as well as a better understanding of where the City would like to go with merit pay or a performance management evaluation system.  Councilmember Laliberte noted the importance of rewarding good employees so they stayed, while not rewarding those who were not doing well.


          Acting Mayor Willmus concurred, noting that this would require a policy discussion in the near future to make those determinations.


          While agreeing with comments expressed so far, Councilmember McGehee opined that part of that retention program and policy should also be to ensure annual employee evaluations were done in a timely manner.  Councilmember McGehee further opined that her least concern was with City Council pay; and advised that she supported remaining at 10)% of the market for all union employees, without allowing non-union employees to drop back; and asked that staff include their recommendations for that aspect as part of their documentation.


          At the request of Councilmember Etten, Ms. Bacon advised that the recommendation was that the entire pay structure increase by 4.6% across the board, addressing the starting, midpoint and maximum pay structure, allowing the system to remain consistently whole and valid, while allowing for it to be recalibrated for the marketplace.


          Ms. Antonsen concurred, noting that without moving the entire pay scale across the board, it could create equity issues for the City in complying with the State of MN Local Government Pay Equity Act.


          Ms. Bacon noted that those benchmark positions that appear to be right on or very close on the graph may not actually be that close, creating the need to look at those benchmark positions from an internal equity standpoint based on how the position responsibilities may be combined, the department was running lean or other cities may not provide for that position and/or through a summary of the marketplace, all creating potential anomalies..


          Further discussion included additional details about the Local Government Pay Equity Act; flexibility of the City’s step system for annual review based on performance as a percentage versus dollar amount; and how a cost of living adjustment (COLA) affected the step system.


          Acting Mayor Willmus again thanked Ms. Bacon and Ms. Antonsen for their presentation and discussion; and asked staff to provide additional information to the City Council as requested prior to any future action, but as part of upcoming budget discussion.


11.         Public Hearings


13.         Business Items – Presentations/Discussions


a.            Receive City Staff Budget Program Priorities

City Manager Malinen briefly summarized the RCA dated April 8, 2013; and noted several corrections to Attachment A  under Code 9, City Council Business Meetings that should show a 2014 Staff Program Rank of 7, and Code 10 City Council Community Support/Grants that should show a 2014 Staff Program Rank of 5.


Councilmember Laliberte thanked staff for providing their rankings; opining that she found them helpful in her analysis.


Councilmember McGehee provided her observations, opining that she thought some departments appeared to take the exercise seriously with their rankings, while others appeared to simply hit the same key over and over.  In expressing her ongoing frustration with this entire process, Councilmember McGehee opined that she did not find it very helpful, and questioned the validity of whether or not there was any consistency.  As an example, Councilmember McGehee noted the category “organizational management” listed repeatedly within one department, which didn’t prove helpful to her when thinking about a budget; and questioning the need for that many layers of management.  Councilmember McGehee opined that it would be much more meaningful to her to see the number of employees in one lump and what they do, and what the supplies cost to do their jobs.  Councilmember McGehee further opined that the way the categories are currently broken out provides for too much “slop” and an ability to say a percentage of time spent doing “whatever.”  Councilmember McGehee stated that the critical functions for each department are the amount paid for employees to do their job and the materials needed to do that job.


Acting Mayor Willmus opined, from his personal perspective, that he found this an interesting exercise as he reviewed his priorities for the coming year; whether or not it steered in him one direction or another.  Acting Mayor Willmus questioned the slight increase from 2012 to 2013 in the “elections” category and why more was for the coming year, when Ramsey County had been hired to perform the majority of those duties.  Acting Mayor Willmus requested more background on the City’s role or whether Ramsey County needed to take on a greater role.


City Manager Malinen advised that those amounts represented the City’s costs with Ramsey County, with City staff still having some work to perform on-site during the final weeks of an election, but further advised that those costs were relatively nominal, but required statutorily.


Councilmember Laliberte thanked staff for providing this additional reference point for her review.


Finance Director Chris Miller noted the next step in the process would be for Councilmembers to perform their rankings if they were comfortable with the proposed rubric and ranking criteria.  Mr. Miller proposed that he e-mail worksheets to individual Councilmembers, and at City Council discretion, they could then continue discussion of their individual and/or average rankings at the April 15 or April 22, 2013 meeting.


Councilmember Etten noted the advantage of doing so at the April 15 meeting versus the April 22 meeting, as Mayor Roe would only be available on the former date.


Discussion ensued on individual versus average rankings.


By consensus, Councilmembers decided to share individual rankings as well as average rankings, with those individual rankings to be returned to staff in time to be provided as a bench handout at the Monday, April 15, 2013 meeting, allowing individual Councilmembers the weekend to finalize their rankings prior to submitting them to staff for averaging and processing.


Acting Mayor Willmus opined that he would personally like to see this information come back to the full City Council, and in a format conducive to a roundtable discussion.


In reviewing the remaining budget calendar and process, Mr. Miller noted that May 13, 2013 was scheduled for a budget hearing to allow public comment to the City Council; along with other budget-related items such as policies and the City Council’s first look at the revised CIP.


Acting Mayor Willmus asked, with the Council’s consensus, that individual Councilmembers make sure to have their rankings into staff by Monday, April 15, 2013; at which time staff would have individual and average information available for that evening’s City Council meeting, as well as making sure it’s included in the packet posted online going forward.


b.            Discuss Additions to Council Rules

City Manager Malinen briefly reviewed several staff recommendations for additions to Rule 3 of the Council Rules to assist meeting flow, as detailed in the RCA dated April 8, 2013.  Those recommendations provided for adding an agenda section entitled “Budget Items,” appearing early on in the agenda; and allowing for a ten minute break after two hours from the start of the meeting.


Acting Mayor Willmus advised that he struggled with having presentations early in the meeting, and would prefer that they be moved deeper into the agenda.


Councilmember Laliberte concurred, noting that often the public was required to sit through presentations that were not pertinent to them; however, if someone was appearing from out-of-town, the agenda should remain flexible enough to accommodate their schedules as well.


Councilmember Etten concurred, providing those outside professional presenters, some being paid to appear, not get caught at the end of the meeting.


Acting Mayor Willmus suggested looking at the meeting structure and the sequence of those meetings during a month, and only hold presentations at a certain meeting each month rather than at each meeting.

To the extent possible, City Manager Malinen advised that the meetings could be adjusted and agenda amended at the meeting itself as well.


Councilmember McGehee suggested moving the Consent Agenda further down on the agenda, since there typically weren’t a lot of questions.


Councilmember Etten suggested, beyond those items needed for action to allow staff to conduct the City’s day-to-day business, public hearings could be held at meetings when presentations were not planned, since both of those items often took a larger chunk of time.


Laliberte moved, McGehee seconded, adoption of revised Council Rules for Section 3 by adding a section entitled “Budget Items to each agenda format; and adopting language indicating the City Council will schedule a ten (10) minute break after approximately two (2) hours of meeting.


                                    Roll Call

            Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.  

            Nays: None.


Councilmember McGehee thanked staff for bringing those items forward.


14.                 City Manager Future Agenda Review

City Manager Malinen reviewed upcoming agenda items; with Councilmembers noting the previously announced absence of Mayor Roe at the April 22, 2013 meeting.


15.                 Councilmember-Initiated Items for Future Meetings



Acting Mayor Willmus asked that, regarding Park Renewal Program community meetings, staff make sure to provide that information to as well as scrolling the information on CTV.


16.         Adjourn

Etten moved, McGehee seconded, adjournment of the meeting at approximately 7:36 pm.

                                                Roll Call

            Ayes: Laliberte; McGehee; Etten; and Willmus.

            Nays: None.