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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2015



PRESENT:  Becker-Finn, Diedrick, Gelbach, Heikkila, Holt, Newby, Stoner

ABSENT:    Bogenholm, Doneen, O'Brien, notified staff ahead of time of absence

STAFF:       Anfang, Brokke





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3.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES - September 1, 2015 MEETING

September 1st minutes approved unanimously.



Brokke provided a brief background on the use of Park Dedication funds.


Stoner followed with a summary of an earlier meeting with the Finance Commission and reviewed the draft Funding Policy suggested by Mayor Roe.

·         Gelbach suggested amending the policy to include a specified minimum balance for the fund dedicated to property acquisition.

·         Stoner suggested fully funding the acquisition fund to the specified minimum balance from the current Park Dedication fund.

·         Gelbach suggested setting the minimum balance for the acquisition fund at $1M.

·         Newby brought to the attention of the Commission the specific language in the Policy that addresses the potential to transfer funds between the acquisition fund and the improvements fund.

o    Commission-wide discussion followed on the potential uses of funds.

·         Commissioners recommended that lines 26 through 28 from the draft policy be eliminated.

·         Commissioners recommended that lines 30 & 31 be reworded to read;

o    The City Council may transfer funds between the sub-funds of the Park Dedication Fund as appropriate for projected capital spending and acquisition needs after a minimum balance of $1,000,000 is met for acquisitions.

·         Stoner confirmed that the Commission was in favor of the 1/3 - 2/3 split with 1/3 of future Park Dedication funds going to the acquisition fund and 2/3 going to the improvements fund once the acquisition fund reaches its specified minimum balance.



Brokke summarized the materials in the Commission packet.

·        Holt commented on the current residential rate and suggested that in the future to possibly consider using the Fair Market Value (FMV) % or increasing the per unit rate based on current residential values.

·         Stoner suggested hearing from Community Development Director Bilotta on forecasts for future development.

Commission Recommendation:

Commissioner Diedrick moved to recommend that the 2016 Residential & Commercial Park Dedication rates remain the same as in 2015. Second by Gelbach. Motion passed unanimously.



·         Holt suggested using 2 options;

1.    Repairing the current clubhouse

2.    Replacing Golf Course amenities to be consistent with renewal program development

·        Gelbach inquired into further consideration for unbundling personnel and equipment shared between the Golf Course and the Parks & Recreation department.

·         Holt & Gelbach asked about where the Golf Course Enterprise Fund stands. The Golf Course is not acting as an enterprise fund and how might a transition occur.

o    Brokke commented that the budget for 2016 is currently in progress and that a potential transition could take place from an enterprise fund for the 2017 budget.

o    The Commission looks to have direction by March 2016.

o    Stoner suggested an April deadline for wrapping up the current Golf Course discussion.

o    Brokke suggested the Commission consider their quarterly update with the Council soon to touch base on progress and get a sense of heading in the right direction - possibly find a time to meet with the Council in November.

§  The joint meeting with the Council is an opportunity to discuss all the other potential pieces that play into the decision to remodel or rebuild the Cedarholm Clubhouse.

·         Commissioners Stoner, Gelbach & Holt to meet & compile more information on Golf Course options to share with the Commission.



Commission Recommendation:

Commissioner Gelbach moved to accept the draft 2016 Commission Calendar. Second by Diedrick. Passed unanimously.



Anfang shared 2016 Park Building fee structure and spoke briefly on how staff will bring a full report on department fees to the November Commission Meeting.

  • Brokke summarized the Renewal Program Update found in the Commission packet including;

·         Tennis Court work is scheduled to be completed this fall.

·         Work on the Evergreen Ballfields is also scheduled to be completed this year.

·         Thank you Commissioners and & Volunteers who helped build the playground at Central Park west of Victoria. This new playground should be ready for kids later this fall.

·         The purchase agreement for the Owasso Ballfields has been approved.

·         Brokke also reported that the Council saw another draft of the Wildlife Management Policy (including a feeding ban, penalties & language to include a bow hunt). The City is getting close to finalizing the policy.

·         Thank you FORParks for hosting a great event on October 2. Over 600 people attend the second Tapped & Uncorked event.

·         Twelve people attended a Natural Resource Volunteer Leadership Brainstorming Session at Oasis Park. Many of those in attendance were part of the Master Plan Workgroup. The hope is that a local Stewardship Network of Leaders will be established placing knowledgeable, willing & capable leaders in place to help sustain Renewal Program Natural Resource Restoration efforts.



9.    OTHER

·         Jamie Becker-Finn informed the Commission of a discussion taking place on on concerns for safety while walking along Victoria. Those living in the area are looking for a ways to make is safer - possibly a path that connects to parks and other arteries in the area.

o    Heikkila asked about possible feedback being collected in the B2 pathway.

o    Newby inquired into the Commissions role in Victoria's safety concerns. Brokke added the need to take these concerns to the Public Works Director.

·         Roseville resident, Ellie Machura, joined the table to share her communications with Ramsey County Public Works and hopes that involvement by Roseville Public Works may help move a pathway project on Victoria forward.


Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director