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City Council


Meeting Agenda

Monday, March 8, 2010

City Hall Council Chambers, 2660 Civic Center Drive

Roseville, Minnesota 55113

All Times are Approximate


View Background Packet 5.94 MB PDF


Commission Interviews 229 KB PDF     View Minutes

4:30 p.m.


          Don Drackert           Police Civil Service             

4:40 p.m.


          Debra Gogins           Police Civil Service   

4:50 p.m.


          Zoe Jenkins             Police Civil Service   

5:00 p.m.


          Erin Azer                 Parks and Recreation

5:10 p.m.


          Bryan Donaldson      Parks and Recreation

5:20 p.m.


          Randall Doneen        Parks and Recreation

5:30 p.m.


          Mark Kamrath          Parks and Recreation

5:40 p.m.


          Michele Lind             Parks and Recreation

5:50 p.m.


          Kevin Ronneberg      Parks and Recreation

6:00 p.m.


          Eli Sagor                 Parks and Recreation

6:10 p.m.


          Duane Stolpe           Parks and Recreation

6:20 p.m.


          Sheri Yaritz              Parks and Recreation

6:30 p.m.





Regular Meeting

6:45 p.m.


Roll Call

Voting & Seating Order for  March: Roe, Pust, Ihlan, Johnson, Klausing

6:47 p.m.


Approve Agenda

6:50 p.m.


Public Comment

6:55 p.m.


Council Communications, Reports, Announcements and Housing and Redevelopment Authority Report



Recognitions, Donations, Communications

7:00 p.m.


Approve Minutes



a.    Approve Minutes of February 22, 2010                         



b.    Approve Minutes of March 1, 2010

7:05 p.m.


Approve Consent Agenda



a.    Approve Payments



b.    Approve General Purchases and Sale of Surplus items in excess of $5000



c.    Authorize the Purchase of a software upgrade for the City’s Financial Software



d.    Adopt a Resolution Supporting a Fiber Infrastructure Grant



e.    Approve 2010 Employee Conference Attendance



f.     Approve Contracts for Printing Services



g.    Award 2010 Street Maintenance Materials and Contractual Concrete



h.    Approve a Joint Powers Agreement with Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for Access to Criminal Justice Data Communications Network



i.      Adopt a Resolution Authorizing a Contract to Accept ERF Grant Funds from Ramsey County for Twin Lakes



j.     Adopt Resolution in Support of Noise Wall along Highway 36

7:15 p.m.


Consider Items Removed from Consent



General Ordinances for Adoption




7:25 p.m.


a.    Insurance Services Office (ISO) Presentation and Request by Fire Department  for Evaluation 948 KB PDF



Public Hearings



Business Items (Action Items)

7:40 p.m.


a.    Consider Presumptive Penalty Approval for Don Pablo’s Alcohol Compliance Failure 498 KB PDF

7:50 p.m.


b.    Approve Request for City Abatement for Unresolved Violations of City Code at 2903 Fairview 157 KB PDF

8:00 p.m.


c.    Approve Request for City Abatement for Unresolved Violations of City Code at 2931 Fairview - item deleted

8:10 p.m.


d.    Approve Request for City Abatement for Unresolved Violations of City Code at 2985 Fairview 164 KB PDF

8:20 p.m.


e.    Approve Request for City Abatement for Unresolved Violations of City Code at 2904 Pascal 180 KB PDF

8:30 p.m.


f.     Approve Request for City Abatement for Unresolved Violations of City Code at 1890 Huron 166 KB PDF



Business Items – Presentations/Discussions

8:40 p.m.


a.    Community Development Presentation on Imagine Roseville 2025 Topics 223 KB PDF

9:20 p.m.


b.    Finance Department Presentation on Imagine Roseville 2025 Topics - deferred to April 26 meeting



City Manager Future Agenda Review



Councilmember Initiated Items for Future Meetings