City Council

City Council Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2013


1.            Roll Call

Mayor Roe called to order a Special Meeting of the Roseville City Council at approximately 5:00 pm, and welcomed everyone.  Voting and Seating Order: Willmus; Laliberte; Etten; McGehee; and Roe.  Acting City Manager Chris Miller and City Attorney Mark Gaughan were also present. 


Mayor Roe advised that the City Council had held a six-month performance evaluation of City Manager Bill Malinen in Closed Executive Session immediately following the regular City Council meeting on Monday, May 13, 2013; a culmination of ongoing discussions; resulting in the resignation of Mr. Malinen as of Tuesday, May 14, 2013.  Mayor Roe advised that the purpose of tonight’s meeting was to appoint an Interim City Manager and discuss a permanent replacement process.


3.         Public Comment

Mayor Roe called for public comment by members of the audience on any non-agenda items.  No one appeared to speak at this time.


13.         Business Items (Action Items)


a.            Consider appointing Interim City Manager and discuss process for hiring permanent City Manager

Interim City Manager

Mayor Roe asked individual Councilmembers for their input specific to an Interim City Manager and their thoughts on the process itself.


Councilmember Laliberte stated that the discussion of a more permanent selection factored into her view of an interim appointee, particularly if the City Council chose to consider internal candidates for the permanent City Manager position.  Councilmember Laliberte noted that, in her discussions with City Department Heads, two or more internal candidates had expressed an interest in the permanent position.  If that occurred, Councilmember Laliberte opined that she preferred to not have any of those candidates appointed as an Interim City Manager to avoid any perception of their having an edge over other candidates due to their interim incumbency position.


Councilmember McGehee concurred, and offered an even narrower position that, should more than one internal candidate express interest in the permanent City Manager position, such candidate(s) not be chosen to serve as Interim City Manager but allowed to apply when the search process and criteria had been established, for reasons similar to those expressed by Councilmember Laliberte.  Councilmember McGehee advised that she was basing this on her outside observations prior to her City Council election of moving someone into an interim position when they had been functioning well in their current position.   Councilmember McGehee cautioned that the potential was there that, if an internal candidate serving in an interim capacity was not chosen for the permanent position, they could decide to move on from the their current employment position with the City, or have negative feelings toward the City if not selected for the permanent position.  Councilmember McGehee expressed her interest in any internal candidates applying for the permanent position, but not necessarily for the interim position, based on that rationale.


Councilmember Willmus advised that his original thought process was to look for a caretaker position for the interim, and stated that he had therefore spoken to City Department Heads who may be good candidates to fill that role.  However, Councilmember Willmus advised that one of those candidates had already informed him that they were not interested in the short- or long-term positions; and that another had a slight interest, but no burning desire regarding the position.  Councilmember Willmus opined that the City was in a good position with its current staff, and that he would not be concerned in looking to the current ranks for leadership for the interim and/or long-term position.  Councilmember Willmus stated that he had no real concern in having someone serve in the interim capacity short-term, as well as being evaluated and included for long-term selection.  While the incumbency factor could possibly give someone an edge as suggested by Councilmember McGehee, Councilmember Willmus opined that it may not play out that way; and if an internal candidate was interested in the long-term position, he would not personally preclude them from his decision for their service as Interim City Manager.


Councilmember Etten concurred with the comments of Councilmember Willmus, opining that the City had different needs from an Interim City Manager at this time versus its long-term hire, which for him would factor into how he chose a candidate now versus the more permanent position and the broader picture short- versus long-term.  While it may turn out to be the same person, Councilmember Etten opined that he didn’t want to limit his decision in having a strong candidate for the interim just because they might seek the permanent position.  Councilmember Etten stated that he didn’t want to cause any harm to the City by not considering the best person at this time to guide the City in the interim; since he anticipated that the City Council would be developing a new set of criteria for the long-term City Manager staffing position.


Councilmember Laliberte opined that there were several good candidates in-house for the permanent position; and opined that it would not do a disservice to the City if those candidates were taken out of the mix for the interim position.


Councilmember McGehee opined that she was not aware of any in-house candidates aggressively seeking the permanent position; but would concur with Councilmember Laliberte.  From her perspective, Councilmember McGehee advised that she would support in-house candidates for the short- or long-term positions, but agreed that there was no harm or limitation to leave those who were very interested in the long-term position.


Mayor Roe stated that, in his consideration of this situation, he had referenced his past adamant position when appointing a Councilmember to fulfill a vacant term that that appointee not be someone considering a candidacy for the fall elections for Councilmember, avoiding the potential perception of creating an incumbency position.  Mayor Roe opined that in a political elected office, that could be a significant issue.  However, in his consideration of an employee hiring situation, Mayor Roe opined that incumbency wasn’t an automatic advantage, referencing Finance Director Miller’s service to the City in a dual role, including the Interim City Manager in 2006, and his application for the full-time City Manager position, and questioned whether his Interim City Manager status entered into consideration at all during the selection process itself.  Mayor Roe further opined that he was confident that the system could handle any artificial advantages.  Mayor Roe noted that potential City Manager candidates currently serving in similar positions in other communities could also be perceived to have incumbency status.  Mayor Roe opined that the City currently had an excellent group of Department Heads and any of them would do an excellent job in this interim role.  If any one of them should choose to apply for the permanent City Manager position, and based on their experience and capabilities, Mayor Roe opined that it didn’t make sense to preclude the interim candidate from applying for the long-term position.  Mayor Roe noted that the City Council may appoint someone for the interim position who wasn’t interested in the long-term position; and that overall it was to staff’s, the community’s, and City Council’s benefit to appoint the best person for the interim position right now to retain the City’s momentum and the path it was currently on.


Councilmember McGehee opined that it was to Finance Director Miller’s credit that he stayed with the City of Roseville after his 2006 experience as Interim City Manager; and noted that he was the candidate for Interim City Manager this time that declined any interest in the position.  Councilmember McGehee expressed her interest in proposing an internal candidate and providing her rationale for selecting that internal candidate, based on the breadth of their experience with a large and disparate organization, and having a positive track record with the City Council.  Councilmember McGehee stated that, for all intents and purposes, she was looking for someone who already was leading a well-run organization.


Mayor Roe sought additional comments from Councilmembers on what they were looking for; and concurred with Councilmember McGehee’s comments that any and all of the City’s current Department Heads provided excellent requirements and fit the criteria; opining that this spoke well for the quality of the City’s staff.


Councilmember Laliberte suggested consideration also be given as to the seasons and current workload for Department Heads and whether they had a good structure under them who could step up to cover while the Department Head shared their current rule with that of the duties of the Interim City Manager position, while paying less attention to their current department.


Mayor Roe opined that all of these considerations were good criteria in choosing the best person to serve as Interim City Manager.


Etten moved, Willmus seconded, to appoint Community Development Director Patrick Trudgeon as Interim City Manager.


Mayor Roe confirmed with Mr. Trudgeon, in the audience, that he had not ruled out serving as the interim, and was unaware of any other Department Heads doing so other than Finance Director Miller.


In providing his rationale for moving appointment of Mr. Trudgeon, Councilmember Etten advised that he had used similar considerations expressed by Councilmembers Laliberte and McGehee; and opined that Mr. Trudgeon would fit the role as Interim City Manager well.  With previous experience as a city councilmember, as well as an employee in Roseville and other communities, Councilmember Etten opined that Mr. Trudgeon brought a breadth of experience to the table, allowing him to work seamlessly with the Roseville City Council.  Councilmember Etten further opined that Mr. Trudgeon operated very professionally in his role in Roseville, and was well-respected by City staff and with his proven leadership, would serve the City well.


Councilmember Willmus concurred with the comments of Councilmember Etten.  In addition, Councilmember Willmus opined that, in the terms of issues currently going on in the community and at the staff level, Mr. Trudgeon had a good support structure in his own Department to help accommodate him in the dual role as Community Development Director and as Interim City Manager.  Councilmember Willmus noted that Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) Housing Manager Jeanne Kelsey would also be available to help fulfill Mr. Trudgeon’s role with the HRA; and opined that he had no hesitation in supporting Mr. Trudgeon as Interim City Manager.


For the same reasons previously stated, as well as those stated by the makers of the motion, Councilmember McGehee stated that she was less inclined to support Mr. Trudgeon for the interim position.  While not having many functions under his leadership, Councilmember McGehee opined that the development and infill portion of his Community Development Director role was of vital importance to the community at this time, particularly the Dale Street Fire Station redevelopment.  Councilmember McGehee opined that this project was very significant for the community and needed careful and attentive guidance along the way, beyond that of the HRA given their inexperience with such a project.  In terms of the HRA function, Councilmember McGehee opined that it appeared to be very well organized and well-run; however, she further opined that the other portion of his role with development was not necessarily as well positioned, particularly the housing portion.  Councilmember McGehee opined that she preferred to see Mr. Trudgeon and his team continue to focus on that development aspect to ensure the Dale Street project and process was remained as their top priority, since it was a first for the community; and to continue working aggressively on the Twin Lakes Redevelopment, now that the zoning and Wal-Mart portions are in place.  Councilmember McGehee noted that the major Twin lakes discussions hadn’t even yet begun, and opined that it was a big deal for the community, and required someone to work effectively with developers; and expressed her interest in Mr. Trudgeon continuing to concentrate on that aspect of his job.  Councilmember McGehee opined that Mr. Trudgeon had a personality that was wonderfully well-suited to the job he’s currently performing, specifically working with developers; and questioned if there was anyone else in the Community Development Department who could fill that particular role at this time.


Councilmember Laliberte advised that she had taken time to speak to four (4) City Department Heads earlier today to determine their interest in the interim and permanent positions; and opined that Mr. Trudgeon was a great choice for the City of Roseville in either role.  As she was also aware of someone else interested in the permanent position, Councilmember Laliberte advised that, therefore, she would not want to give anyone an edge for the permanent position.  Having recently participated on an executive search committee in her job, Councilmember Laliberte noted that there had been two internal candidates and the entire process had not worked out well; and she was very cognizant of trying to avoid that type of situation for the City and its staff.


Councilmember Willmus opined that Councilmember Laliberte had raised a good point, and stated that he had also talked to Public Works Director Duane Schwartz, Finance Chris Director Miller, and Community Development Director Patrick Trudgeon when first entering into this process, as he sought someone who could take on this role and be a good caretaker for the City during the interim.  Councilmember Willmus advised that he had not found any of them with an overwhelming passion to take on that role; however, he offered his support of Mr. Trudgeon on an interim basis.  Regarding the initiatives spoken of by Councilmember McGehee, Councilmember Willmus concurred that there was a vital role to be played in those initiatives on the part of the HRA and Community Development Department staff, as well as on the part of the City Manager.   Councilmember Willmus opined that it was vital that the City Manager be involved in a number of those initiatives, and further opined that Mr. Trudgeon was well-suited to fulfill that role from both perspectives.


Mayor Roe echoed the comments of Councilmember Willmus; and opined that, from his perspective, having the City’s Community Development Director serve as Interim City Manager did not detract in any way from the work of the Community Development Department.  Mayor Roe stated that he agreed that the City Manager position should be engaged in big development activity in the community, and if Mr. Trudgeon were appointed as Interim City Manager, it put him in a very unique position given his knowledge about development.  As commented by Councilmember McGehee, Mayor Roe opined that Mr. Trudgeon’s existing connections in the community can facilitate those discussions, and would serve the City well.  As also discussed by Councilmember McGehee, the nature of the Community Development Department may create a potential for filling the gaps more efficiently that would be realized during Mr. Trudgeon’s dual role with both departments.  Mayor Roe stated that he agreed with the need for the HRA to continue focusing on the Economic Development issues, and noted that funding for additional staff to fill that role was already anticipated.  Mayor Roe opined that while Mr. Trudgeon’s personality was well-suited to working with developers that would also work well for the City in working with citizens and the public in the role of Interim City Manager.  Mayor Roe expressed his respect for Mr. Trudgeon as he’s observed him working with members of the community on past controversial projects in the City who may have been in disagreement with certain projects, applications, or developers; and opined that he had been impressed with Mr. Trudgeon’s positive interaction in those situations.  Mayor Roe stated that he would support the motion; and while recognizing the differing points of view, noted the benefit to the community if the decision could be unanimous; and asked individual Councilmembers to support the motion.


Councilmember Laliberte stated that she had no hesitancy in appointing Mr. Trudgeon.  However, she reiterated her knowledge of the interest of another candidate, and in all fairness, if one of those candidates was interested in the permanent position, had previously expressed her concerns.  Councilmember Laliberte opined that the interim position was a great opportunity for someone interested in the permanent position to be aware of what the City Manager position entailed; and sought to make sure the next part of the process was as fair as possible.


Councilmember Etten opined that the perspectives between the interim position and those for the permanent position, as well as the ultimate job description created will look different for both positions.  Once that job description had been developed Councilmember Etten opined that a Department Head may view things differently, and further opined that any sense of incumbency would naturally be eliminated from that final position description, with a new picture and the potential for someone to fit into that picture in a different way.  Councilmember Etten noted that Mr. Trudgeon was already in a position to move forward with a number of things, including his work as Community Development Director and work to-date for the City in working with the Roseville School District and property negotiations.  Councilmember Etten opined that this put Mr. Trudgeon in a perfect position to fully understand the City’s position and continue working with the School District in a dual role.  Councilmember Etten opined that Mr. Trudgeon was doing a great job already, and reiterated that a new set of criteria would be developed for the permanent City Manager position, and was an entirely separate issue from consideration of the motion currently on the table.


Councilmember Laliberte stated that no one needed to sell her on Mr. Trudgeon in the role of Interim City Manager, but expressed appreciation for the attempts to do so, and opined that the efforts had been worth additional discussion.  Related to the caretaker position referenced by Councilmember Willmus, Councilmember Laliberte opined that even though someone may not have expressed any passion for the role, it was more important to reserve that passion for the permanent process versus this caretaker role.  Councilmember Laliberte expressed her willingness to support someone willing to be part of the team and get the City through this process.


Councilmember McGehee opined that, if a unanimous decision of the body was being sought, it was unfortunate that three members had already apparently set their mind on one candidate before tonight’s meeting.  While agreeing that Mr. Trudgeon was a good candidate, Councilmember McGehee opined that all of the City’s Department Heads were great, and while not opposed to Mr. Trudgeon serving as Interim City Manager, further opined that it seemed unusual to her to already have someone already in mind.  Councilmember McGehee stated that, while it was fine to seek a unanimous vote, she may have different criteria, and had come expecting to have a broader discussion if not just looking for a caretaker role and selecting a permanent person.  Councilmember McGehee stated that she had no interest in being pushed into a position, as she felt at this time, whether a candidate had done a good job or not, and opined that it was unfortunate that a decision was now being asked on whether or not to move that person forward.  Councilmember McGehee stated that she had a problem with the process when only one candidate was discussed.


Councilmember Laliberte stated that she couldn’t fault anyone for coming to the meeting with a pre-conceived idea, since she had done so herself when taking the initiative to talk to various Department Heads who may have been interested.   Councilmember Laliberte stated that she came to the meeting with another candidate in mind, not candidate being considered in the motion; however, she had no problem with the process being followed.


Mayor Roe noted that, ultimately, a selection had to be made, and as a governing body and procedure being followed, the ability was there to change the process at anytime during this discussion.  However, Mayor Roe noted that such a response had not been sought.  Mayor Roe, in speaking to perceived process issues, stated that he had no idea as to how the rest of the Council may vote on this appointment, and advised that he had come prepared to support any of the City’s Department Heads having an interest in serving as Interim City Manager, based on his consideration of all potential appointees and their varying but good characteristics.  In considering any issues with Department Heads competing against each other, Mayor Roe stated that one thing he respected about the City’s Department Heads was their ability to understand how job searches worked; and opined that the City Council, as the hiring body, had control over how that process worked out and any issues that may come out through the search process.  If any of the City’s current Department Heads chose to pursue a career in city management with Roseville or outside the community, Mayor Roe encouraged them to do so.  While the loss of anyone in a leadership for the City of Roseville was always a loss, Mayor Roe noted that organizations move on; and stated that he would never begrudge anyone choosing to advance their careers; and that while something would be lost, something else could be ultimately gained.


Councilmember Willmus echoed Mayor Roe’s comments; and stated that, had he not had a conversation with Finance Director Miller earlier in the week, Mr. Miller would have been his candidate for Interim City Manager.  Councilmember Willmus state that he had no problem with the process going forward; and opined that the situation dictated that each Councilmember perform due diligence in their research with individuals for the Interim City Manager position to determine who may best fit that role.

Roll Call

            Ayes: Willmus; Laliberte; Etten; McGehee; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


Mayor Roe thanked the City Council for their unanimous vote.


Mayor Roe, from a housekeeping perspective, noted the provision by Human Rights Director Eldona Bacon, Section 502 of the City Employee Handbook addressing a policy for the appointment of and pay for the Interim City Manager position, and search process itself.  Without having read the document closely yet, Mayor Roe asked Ms. Bacon to provide an overview of the policy and how it affected the City Council’s decision making tonight.


Eldona Bacon

Ms. Bacon apologized for not getting the information to the City Council before tonight, but advised that she had just returned this morning from City-sponsored FEMA training.


Ms. Bacon advised that the page under discussion for Interim City Manager pay was part of the Employee Handbook implemented in March of 2011, and provided guidance for the Interim and Acting City Manager pay.  In general, Ms. Bacon advised that the policy indicated that during the duration of the assignment, anticipated to be of one month or longer but potentially not exceeding six months, interim pay was authorized.  Ms. Bacon noted that it also indicated that employees should be moved into the grade level of the position they were assuming.  


Ms. Bacon advised that this would put Mr. Trudgeon into a Grade 21 City Manager pay.  Ms. Bacon further stated that the interim pay grade not be at a level less than their current salary, with steps typically one step above that pay level already being received in their current position.  Ms. Bacon advised that she had prepared calculations and potential scenarios for each Department Head, not sure of how the City Council would be taking action tonight (page 2 of the bench handout).  Ms. Bacon reviewed City Manager pay grades and steps from the lowest to top pay, and the current incomes for each Department Head. 


Ms. Bacon advised that, under those calculations, it would bring Mr. Trudgeon into a grade ultimately resulting in an approximately 3% increase for him; however, that would also result in his not making more than some of the Department Heads he would be asked to supervise.  Therefore, Ms. Bacon stated her recommendation would be to bring Mr. Trudgeon in at Step B rather than Step A, to alleviate him making less than those under his interim supervision.  At the request of Mayor Roe, Ms. Bacon advised that by bringing Mr. Trudgeon in at Step B, it would constitute an approximate 8% increase over his current pay.


If the interim appointment was for less than six months, Councilmember McGehee advised that she had no problem with a proposed pay grade at Step A, since the authority to do so was provided in existing policy.  Councilmember McGehee opined that the amount you were paid did not make you more or less of a leader.


At the request of Councilmember Etten for elaboration on her comments, Councilmember McGehee confirmed her intent that Mr. Trudgeon’s salary be raised to 3% versus 8%, reverting to current pay when he no longer served in the capacity of Interim City Manager, and no longer receive the increased salary.


Mayor Roe clarified that the policy itself dictated that the increased salary would not remain at the higher level.  Mayor Roe further noted that this policy had not been in place in 2006 when Mr. Miller had assumed the role of Interim City Manager; and at that time, the City Council had approved a 10% increase during the interim appointment recognizing his additional responsibilities.  Mayor Roe stated that he was not advocating for a particular percentage increase, but just providing a historical context for this discussion.


Councilmember Willmus advised that he was considering no more than a 90-day window for the need for the interim position; and therefore would support starting at the Step A salary grade for that timeframe.


Councilmember Etten opined that he didn’t think it was adequate to ask anyone to take on the level of responsibilities being asked of them for only a few dollars more per hour.  Councilmember Etten stated that he would support Step B as recommended by Ms. Bacon as a reasonable amount considering the considerable number of extra duties being required of them, and the additional strain and workload being taken on by a person with their current job and those of the new interim position.


Councilmember McGehee stated that, now that the previous action of 10% had been explained, and if the interim position was for six months or less, she was just as happy with a policy for a 10% increase for taking on the additional role as Interim City Manager versus fooling around with salary grades and who you were making more money than.  Councilmember McGehee opined that she supported that process and a 10% bump.


Mayor Roe clarified that there were now three different scenarios before the City Council and suggested narrowing it down for a consensus.


Councilmember Laliberte noted that the City Council came up with the policy after taking action in 2006, and those grades and policies were in place for a reason versus randomly reverting back to past practice taken six years ago.


Etten moved, Roe seconded, moving Community Development Director Trudgeon’s pay grade to City Manager Step B for the term of his Interim City Manager position.


Councilmember Etten reiterated his comments about how much an employee could be asked to do; and expressed appreciation for Councilmember Laliberte’s comments related to the policy now in place, with this motion staying within the relative parameters of that policy, while also being cognizant of the work load of the Interim City Manager, much different than just taking on the City Manager position itself.


Mayor Roe opined that he didn’t feel the policy precluded compensation somewhere between the minimum and cap of the position range or steps; and further opined that he thought it reasonable to go one step above the policy grade to account for the differential between positions being supervised.


Councilmember Laliberte opined that the case had already been made for the condition of the existing structure within the Community Development Department that would free Mr. Trudgeon to assume this dual role; and stated that she would look to direction from those Councilmembers with more tenure than herself and their recommendation for sufficient compensation for this interim position.


At the request of Mayor Roe, Finance Director Miller spoke to the workload and other issues he had faced in his role of Interim City Manager in 2006.  Mr. Miller advised that he was fortunate to have available a lot of stability on the City Council and among staff, as well as within his own department with the budget process and day-to-day operations, allowing him to take on that dual role, which he did without hesitation based on the positioning at that time.  Mr. Miller advised that the same considerations went into his current decision not to seek that dual role for this round.  However, Mr. Miller opined that he was confident that Mr. Trudgeon had reviewed the same issues within his department and for the overall City and employee situation, and had a clear understanding of his workload, staffing and other responsibilities, and also felt comfortable in his ability to take on that dual role at this time.  Mr. Miller summarized his experience in 2006 with a City Council who also agreed to meet him halfway about what could and could not be accomplished during the interim; and encouraged the City Council to provide Mr. Trudgeon with those same open discussions and considerations to ensure things ran smoothly during this interim period as well.

Roll Call

            Ayes: Willmus; Laliberte; Etten; McGehee; and Roe.

            Nays: None.


Interim City Manager Patrick Trudgeon

At the request of Mayor Roe for any remarks, Interim City Manager Trudgeon noted the many things on the City Council’s plate at this; time, and while not wishing to belabor the issue, expressed his appreciation to them for their discussion about this tough decision, and thanked them for their confidence and trust in him to serve in the interim.  Mr. Trudgeon spoke to his confidence in the Community Development Department, as well as all of the City’s Administrative staff and Departments and his assurance that they would all continue to operate as a team.  Mr. Trudgeon advised that discussions could be held at a later time on what can and should be accomplished over the next few months; and again expressed his appreciation to the City Council for their trust.


Speaking on behalf of the City Council, Mayor Roe stated that he and they were committed as a team to meet Mr. Trudgeon and City staff as a team more than halfway during this interim period.  Mayor Roe expressed his confidence that everyone would pitch in to make things work; and reiterated the City Council’s commitment to make the process work.


Councilmember McGehee opined that the decisions of the City Council had not only pushed Mr. Trudgeon out in the boat, but also themselves, and sought his assistance through the process before them.

                   Permanent City Manager Search

At the request of Mayor Roe, Ms. Bacon referenced additional materials provided in the bench handout, including possible inclusions and considerations from the 2006 City Manager search process to use for this search process.  Items included a profile survey used in 2006, request for proposals for search/consultant services that were partially utilized in 2006 to assist Ms. Bacon in this enormous and time-consuming process, and criteria used during the last search that may apply to this search as well, or provide a point from which to start discussions.  Ms. Bacon advised that the City Council could decide to move forward in the near future in hiring a consultant, and could include a process as brief as appointing someone in-house or as complex as a national search and involving many stakeholders.


At the request of Mayor Roe, Ms. Bacon clarified that a search firm was used in 2006 for part of the process.  Ms. Bacon advised that she helped sort the initial applications to make sure they met minimum qualifications; and then the consultant performed some role playing and assessment testing, subsequently selecting their top seven candidates that were provided to the City Council for their approval, and then those seven went through the first round of interviews to select three finalists for the last round for recommendation to the City Council moving forward.  Ms. Bacon advised that of the $10,000 allotted for the search firm in 2006, approximately $8,000 of that amount was ultimately spent, with staff able to narrow that cost down through additional hand-on work throughout the process.


Also at the request of Mayor Roe for her perspective as a Human Resources Director on how the 2006 process worked, Ms. Bacon noted the value the consultants had provided her in having their considerable long-term expertise as an outside resource and to provide her with additional feedback, given her “one person” department.  Ms. Bacon opined that it also was beneficial for all stakeholders to provide a sense that there was no bias and that the selection process was fair, and provided the 2006 nation-wide process to become more manageable.


Councilmember Willmus, while having his own ideas, sought comment from individual Councilmembers on their expectations for timing and search criteria.


Mayor Roe advised that he had not yet formulated his expectations and criteria; but offered other Councilmembers to express their thoughts or preliminary information.  Mayor Roe suggested that the City Council may wish to review the 2006 materials provided by Ms. Bacon as a preliminary source of information, and come to the May 20, 2013 meeting prepared for subsequent discussions.


Councilmember McGehee proposed a preliminary process for individual Councilmembers to bring their personal criteria for a permanent City Manager, including what qualifications were sought; and to have City Department Heads do the same thing at the same time.  Councilmember McGehee suggested that discussion occur around the table with all of those parties, not at a formal City Council meeting, to combine those lists and find areas of overlap.  Councilmember McGehee opined that it should be clear very quickly the key attributes wanted and aspirations sought as a team, recognizing that it was truly a team effort of the City Council and staff.  Councilmember McGehee opined that this would be a good point of discussion to find out where everyone was at, and come up with a list of criteria for Ms. Bacon and a process to follow.


Mayor Roe and Councilmembers concurred that this was a reasonable approach.


Councilmember Laliberte questioned if the intent was to provide this to staff in time for the Council Agenda packet or to consider as a bench handout on May 20th.


Mayor Roe suggested that it would be difficult to get individual lists to staff between now and Monday.


Councilmember McGehee suggested setting aside Monday to come up with individual lists; based on how jammed up the agenda schedule already is.


Mayor Roe noted that the agenda for May 20th already included a work session discussion, scheduled for approximately 8:00 p.m. for other discussion items; and should allow a good amount of time for this discussion related to timing and expectations as well.  From his personal perspective, and wanting to take time in doing developing collective criteria, Mayor Roe advised that he was already thinking about the process, and had started his criteria list, and anticipated that other Councilmembers had done so as well.


Councilmember McGehee questioned the feasibility of having criteria lists from staff and Councilmembers as a starting point for that discussion.


Councilmember Laliberte advised that she was not concerned about having this as a homework assignment between now and Monday; however, she recognized the amount staff had already had to deal with this week; and opined that this process did not need to be rushed and preferred that it be a good and serious process rather than have it be dictated by a timeline.


Councilmember Etten suggested using the 2006 criteria list provided by Ms. Bacon as the starting point for discussion; with individual Councilmembers and Department Heads identifying those items they liked and those they didn’t’ like; subsequently providing something unified for the group for further review and additional discussion if a June 3, 2013 Special City Council meeting was scheduled.


Mayor Roe noted that he had been advised by Acting City Manager Miller that the City Council Chambers were not available on June 3, 2013 for a meeting due to the rehabilitation of the audio/visual system and equipment.


It that was the only reason not to meet on June 3, Councilmember Laliberte suggested another room be used.


Mr. Miller advised that alternatives were available, with one of them being the C-TV studies as the most viable alternative at this time for recording purposes for the public.  Mr. Miller advised that additional staff research could ensue, noting that there would be limited audience seating (approximately 15 seats) versus that available in the City Council Chambers, but that it would obviously provide video and audio capability.


Mayor Roe spoke in support of the City Council “going on the road” sometimes; and a discussion ensued regarding potential agenda items scheduled that evening.


Mayor Roe advised that he would work with Interim City Manager Trudgeon on that and upcoming agendas.


Mayor Roe reminded Councilmembers and the public of the Memorial Day ceremonies scheduled at Roselawn Cemetery on Monday, May 26, 2013 at 11:00 am.


At the request of Ms. Bacon, City Council consensus was that the appointment of Mr. Trudgeon as City of Roseville Interim City Manager was effective Friday, May 17, 2013.


17.         Adjourn

Willmus moved, Etten seconded, adjournment of the meeting at approximately 6:05 pm.


                                                Roll Call

            Ayes: Willmus; Laliberte; Etten; McGehee; and Roe.

            Nays: None.