Posted on: March 15, 2017

Roseville 2040: Our Future Together

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Your insights are important to the City of Roseville as it updates its Comprehensive Plan. A city doesn’t develop by accident. It evolves over time according to principles agreed upon by residents and city officials.

Those principles are outlined in a Comprehensive Plan, which sets policies for economic development, environmental protection, housing, land use, neighborhoods, parks and recreation, redevelopment, transportation, and utilities.

Roseville adopted its first Comprehensive Plan in 1956. The City’s current Comp Plan was approved in 2008 and an update is due to the Met Council in 2018.

Roseville wants all residents to weigh in on its future, and the city offers many opportunities to get involved.

Meeting in a Box – includes materials that residents can use to facilitate a neighborhood discussion. A map to draw on, markers, pens, stickers and post-its, plus a facilitation guide that gives suggestions to get people talking and sharing their ideas are all part of the kit.

Public Meetings – the Planning Commission hosts Comprehensive Plan discussions the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Roseville City Hall. Watch on Cable Channel 16 or stream them online at www.cityofroseville.com/webstreaming. Other public meetings will be held throughout the year. Sign up to receive emails or texts about upcoming meetings at www.citofyroseville.com/receiveupdates.

Online Survey – complete an online survey at www.cityofroseville.com/CompPlan. It will gauge your opinion about priorities for the city, housing, business climate, recreation, transportation, environment, and other topics of interest. The current survey will be in place until early April. Other surveys will be added as the comprehensive plan update moves forward.

Intercepts - fun and simple engagement tools that pop up in locations throughout the city to gather feedback from whomever is walking by. Look for them at your favorite shopping, entertainment, dining and recreation spots.

Visit www.cityofroseville.com/CompPlan or contact Roseville Senior Planner Bryan Lloyd at [email protected] or 651-792-7073 to learn more about the comprehensive plan.

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