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Chapter 307 Construction Licenses and Bonds
307.01: Licenses Required
307.02: Fee
307.03: Commercial General Contractors
307.04: Qualifications
307.05: Revocation or Suspension
307.06: Period of Suspension
307.07: Revocation upon Violations
307.08: Failure to Pay Claim
307.09: Liability Insurance

Licensing is required for all residential building and remodeling contractors who provide only one service and all commercial building and remodeling contractors who are not required to have a State license. (1995 Code)
A. Cement work, cement block work, cement block laying or brick work.
B. General construction including erection, alteration or repair of building.
C. Demolition of buildings.
D. Plastering, outside stucco work or lathing and dry wall.
E. Heating.
F. Gas installation including heating, appliances, devices or machinery, etc.
G. Sign and billboard erecting.
H. Excavators (for basements, foundations, grading of lots, etc.). (Ord. 487, 4-11-66; amd. 1990 Code)
I. Water and sewer excavating, installation and connection.
J. Tree removal.
K. Ventilation system cleaning. (Ord. 906, 5-10-82)
Residential general contractors, roofing contractors and manufactured housing installers must be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. (1995 Code)

307.02: FEE:
The fee for each license shall be paid annually. The required fee will be in an amount set by the Council. (Ord. 801, 3-14-77; amd. 1995 Code)

A. A license granted to a general contractor shall include the right to perform all of the work included in his/her general contract. Such license shall include any or all of the persons performing the work which is classified and listed in Section 307.01, providing that each person performing such work is in the regular employ of such general contractor and qualified under State law and the provisions of this Code to perform such work. In these cases, the general contractor shall be responsible for all of the work so performed.
B. Subcontractors on any work shall be required to comply with the Sections of this Code pertaining to license, bond, qualifications, etc. for their particular type of work. (Ord. 190, 7-20-54; amd. 1995 Code)

Each applicant for a license shall satisfy the Chief Code Enforcement Officer that he/she is competent by reason of education, special training and experience, and that he/she is equipped to perform the work for which a license is requested. (Ord. 190, 7-20-54; amd. 1995 Code)

The Council may suspend or revoke the license of any person licensed under this Code who violates any of its provisions or whose work is found to be improper, defective or so unsafe as to jeopardize life or property. The person holding such license shall be given 20 days notice and granted the opportunity to be heard before such action is taken. If and when such notice is sent to the legal address of the licensee and he/she fails or refuses to appear at the hearing, his/her license will be automatically suspended or revoked five days after date of hearing. (Ord. 190, 7-20-54)

When a license is suspended, the period of suspension shall be not less than thirty days or more than one year, such period being determined by the Council. (Ord. 190, 7-20-54)

When any person holding a license has been convicted for a second time by a court of competent jurisdiction for violation of any of the provisions of this Code, the Council shall revoke the license of the person so convicted. Such person may not make application for a new license for a period of one year. (Ord. 190, 7-20-54)

The failure to pay within 60 days, any legitimate claim the City may have against a contractor shall constitute a cause for revocation of license. (Ord. 233, 7-23-57)

A. Any person holding a license under Section 307.01 shall file with the Manager policies of public liability and property damage which shall remain and be in force and effect during the entire term of said license and which shall contain a provision that they shall not be cancelled without ten days written notice to the City.
B. Public liability insurance shall not be less than $100,000.00 for injuries including accidental death to any one person, and subject to the same limit for each person in an amount of not less than $300,000.00 on account of any one accident and property damage insurance in the amount of not less than $100,000.00for each accident and not less than $100,000.00aggregate. No work shall be done under license until said insurance policies shall have been filed and approved by the City Manager. (Ord. 897, 1-25-82)

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