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Chapter 308 Conversation Parlors
308.01: Definitions
308.02: License Required
308.03 License Fee
308.04: Application
308.05: Granting, Denying or Revocation of Licenses
308.06: Construction and Maintenance Requirements
308.07: Inspection
308.08: Identification
308.09: Business Hours
308.10: Rules and Regulations

For the purpose of this Chapter, a "conversation parlor" shall mean any establishment advertising, offering or selling the service of engaging in or listening to conversation, talk or discussion between an employee of the establishment and a customer, regardless of whether other goods or services are also simultaneously advertised, offered or sold, and regardless of whether those other goods or services are also required to be licensed. The term conversation parlor shall not include bona fide legal, medical, psychiatric, psychological or counseling services by a person or firm appropriately licensed, nor shall it include bona fide educational institutions or panels, seminars or other similar services offered by such institutions, nor shall it include churches or synagogues. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76)

No person shall engage in the business of operating a conversation parlor in the City without a license. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76)

308.03: LICENSE FEE:
The annual license fee[1] shall be as established by the City Fee Schedule in Subsection 314.05 (Ord. 793, 9-20-76) (Ord. 1379A, 11-17-2008)

[1]See Section 301.03 of this Title for license fees.

The initial application for a license shall be made by completing an application form provided by and containing such information as is required by the City Manager. A separate license shall be obtained for each separate place of business. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76)

A. Licenses may be granted only in the appropriate zone to be determined by the City Council and laws and ordinances of the City.
B. Licenses may be denied or revoked if the premises of the conversation parlors do not meet the requirements of the City Council and of the building, safety and sanitation regulations of the City and the State of Minnesota.
C. Licenses may be denied or revoked if there is any fraud or deception involved in the license application.
D. Licenses may be denied or revoked if the applicant or persons in applicant's employ are not complying with, or have a history of, violations of the laws and ordinances that apply to health, safety or moral turpitude.
E. An application may be denied if the City Council determines that the issuance of such a license would be detrimental to the health, welfare or safety of the citizens of the City. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76; amd. 1995 Code)

A. Construction Materials: All conversation parlors and all rest rooms and bathrooms used in connection with such conversation parlor shall be constructed of materials which are impervious to moisture, bacteria, mold or fungus growth.
B. Required Equipment: All rest rooms used in connection with conversation parlors shall be provided with mechanical ventilation with two cfm per square foot of floor area, a minimum of 15 foot-candles of illumination, a hand washing sink equipped with hot and cold running water under pressure, sanitary towels and a soap dispenser.
C. Janitor's Closet: Each conversation parlor establishment shall have a janitor's closet, which shall be provided for the storage of cleaning supplies. Such closet shall have mechanical ventilation with two cfm per square foot of floor area and a minimum of ten foot-candles of illumination. Such closet shall include a mop sink.
D. Sanitary Conditions: Floors, walls and equipment in conversation parlors and rest rooms must be kept in a state of good repair, and sanitary at all times.
E. Locked Doors Prohibited: Doors to all rooms inside a conversation parlor shall not be locked or capable of being locked. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76)

During business hours, all conversation parlors shall be open to inspection by City Building and License Inspectors, Health Authority and police officers. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76)

Upon demand by any police officer, any person engaged in providing services in any licensed premises shall identify themselves giving their true legal name and correct address. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76)

No customers or patrons shall be allowed to enter the licensed premises after 1:00 A.M. and before 8:00 A.M. daily. No customers or patrons shall be allowed to remain upon the licensed premises after 2:00 A.M. and before 8:00 A.M. daily. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76)

A. License shall be granted only to establishments which meet the safety and sanitary requirements of the applicable building, housing, health and safety code regulations of the City and the State of Minnesota.
B. It shall be grounds for denial or revocation of a license if the applicant or persons in applicant's employ violate City ordinances or the laws of the State of Minnesota on the premises.
C. It shall be grounds for rescinding a license granted to any person under this Chapter if the owner, manager, lessee or any of the employees are found to be in control or possession of any alcoholic beverage or of a narcotic drug or controlled substance on the premises, the possession of which is illegal as defined by Minnesota Statutes[1] or by rules of the City Code.
D. All employees and customers of the establishment shall at all times have their breasts, buttocks, genitals and anus covered by a nontransparent material. (Ord. 793, 9-20-76)

[1]M.S.A. §340A.101 et seq. and M.S.A. §152.01 et seq

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