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Chapter 201 Planning Commission
201.01: Establishment
201.02: Composition
201.03: Members of Commission
201.04: Organization
201.05: Meetings; Reports
201.06: Preparation of Comprehensive Plan
201.07: Procedure for Adoption of City Comprehensive Plan
201.08: Adoption of City Comprehensive Plan by City Council
201.09: Means of Executing Plan
201:10: Zoning Code and City Comprehensive Plan


A City Planning Commission for the City is hereby established. The Planning Commission shall be the City planning agency and shall have the powers and duties given such agencies generally by Minnesota Statutes, sections 462.351 through 462.364, as amended, and as conferred upon it by this Chapter. (Ord. 194, 4-19-1955; 1995 Code)

The Planning Commission shall consist of seven members appointed by the City Council, and may be removed by a 4/5 vote of the City Council. One of the seven members appointed by the City Council may be a member of the City Council. (Ord. 194, 4-19-1955; 1995 Code)

A. Members: Members shall be residents of the City.
B. Term of Appointment: of the members of the Commission first appointed, two shall be appointed for the term of one year, two for the term of two years, two for the term of three years, and one for the term of four years. Their successors shall be appointed for terms of three years. Both original and successive appointees shall hold their offices until their successors are appointed and qualified. (Ord. 1313, 12-6-2004)
C. Vacancies: Vacancies during the term shall be filled by the City Council for the unexpired portion of the term.
D. Oath: Every appointed member shall, before entering upon the discharge of his/her duties, take an oath that he/she will faithfully discharge the duties of his/her office.
E. Compensation: All members shall serve without compensation. (Ord. 194, 4-19-1955; 1995 Code)

A. Officers: The Planning Commission shall elect one of the members to act as chairperson. The Community Development Director or designee shall act as the Planning Commission's secretary.
B. Term: The term of the chairperson shall be for one year. The chairperson shall be elected by the Planning Commission at the last regular Planning Commission meeting of March, effective April 1, during each calendar year.
C. Additional Officers and Committees: The Planning Commission may elect such other officers as may be necessary and may give the chairperson authority to appoint committees if such appointments should become necessary. (Ord. 194, 4-19-1955; 1995 Code) (Ord. 1316, 3-28-2005)

The Commission shall hold at least one regular meeting each month. It shall adopt rules for the transaction of business and shall keep a record of its resolutions, transactions, and findings, which record shall be a public record. (Ord. 194, 4-19-1955; 1995 Code)

It shall be the function and duty of the Planning Commission to prepare and recommend a Comprehensive City Plan for the development of the City, including proposed public buildings, street arrangements, public utility services, parks, playgrounds and other similar developments, the use of property, the density of population and other matters relating to the development of the City. Such Plan may be prepared in sections, each of which shall relate to a major subject of the plan, as outlined in the Commission's program of work. (Ord. 194, 4-19-1955; 1995 Code)

The Planning Commission may, at any time, recommend to the City Council, the adoption of the City Comprehensive Plan, any section of it or any substantial amendment thereof. Before making such recommendation to the City Council, the Planning Commission shall hold at least one public hearing, as provided for in Chapter 108 of this Code. The recommendation by the Planning Commission to the City Council shall be by a resolution of the Commission, approved by the affirmative votes of not less than 5/7ths
of its total membership. The Commission may from time to time recommend minor amendments to the City Comprehensive Plan or any section thereof without the public hearing mentioned herein providing that a majority of its members are of the opinion that such hearing is not necessary or in the public interest. (Ord. 1175A, 11-25-1996)

If an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map is requested by a property owner, the applicant shall hold an open house meeting with residents and property owners in the vicinity of the affected property prior to submitting an application for the amendment. Requirements for such an open house are as follows:
A. Purpose: To provide a convenient forum for engaging community members in the development process, to describe the proposal in detail, and to answer questions and solicit feedback.
B. Timing: The open house shall be held not more than 30 days prior to the submission of an application for Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendment approval and shall be held on a weekday evening beginning between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and ending by 10:00 p.m.
C. Location: The open house shall be held at a location in or near the neighborhood affected by the proposed amendment, and (in the case of a site near Roseville’s boundaries) preferably in Roseville. In the event that such a meeting space is not available the applicant shall arrange for the meeting to be held at the City Hall Campus.
D. Invitations: The applicant shall prepare a printed invitation indentifying the date, time, place, and purpose of the open house and shall mail the invitation to the recipients in a list prepared and provided in electronic format by Community Development Department staff. The recipients will include property owners within 500 feet of the project property, members of the Planning Commission and City Council, and other community members that have registered to receive the invitations.
E. Summary: A written summary of the open house shall be submitted as a necessary component of an application for Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendment approval. (Ord. 1362, 3-24-2008)

Upon receiving a recommendation from the Planning Commission for the establishment or amendment of a plan, the City Council shall follow procedure as set forth in Chapter 108 of this Code. The City Council may adopt such plan or amendments by a majority vote of its members or by a larger majority if required by statute. (Ord. 1175A, 11-25-1996)

Upon the adoption of the City Plan or any section thereof, it shall be the duty of the Planning Commission to recommend to the City Council reasonable and practicable means for putting into effect such Plan or section thereof in order that the same will serve as a pattern and guide for the orderly physical development of the City. Such means shall consist of a zoning plan, the control of subdivision plats, a plan for future street locations, etc. (Ord. 194, 4-19-1955)

The Planning Commission may, upon its own motion or upon instruction by the City Council, prepare revisions to the Zoning Code and/or Plan for the City. Before recommending such Code and/or Plan to the City Council, the Planning Commission shall hold at least one public hearing as provided for in Chapter 108 of this Code. The same procedure shall apply for the preparation of any overall street plan or acquisition of lands for public purposes. (Ord. 1175A, 11-25-1996)

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