Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector
Install a carbon monoxide detector. It could save your life, and it’s the law. All homes in Minnesota must have CO detectors. Homeowners who do not have a CO detector could face liability charges if someone in their home is injured or killed by carbon monoxide poisoning or smoke inhalation.
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Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless and colorless gas. This gas could build up to a toxic level if your appliances are not maintained or a chimney is blocked or not properly vented.

Detector Placement
The Roseville Fire Department urges everyone to have a carbon monoxide detector in their living area, preferably one on each level of the home. Alarms can be battery powered or powered by plugging into an outlet or by wiring into the home electrical system. Alarms must conform to the Underwriters Laboratory Standards and be located within 10 feet of each bedroom.

Replacing Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced at least every 10 years. They can be recycled at Retrofit Recycling, 2960 Yorkton Boulevard, Little Canada. Roseville firefighters will change smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries for elderly residents or anyone with a disability living in Roseville. Contact Fire Inspector Sam Baker at 651-792-7342 if you need assistance.