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Vacation Planning

Vacation Safety Tips

Whether leaving for a weekend at the cabin or planning for weeks on the road, Roseville Police remind you to take these steps (PDF) to keep your home secure while you are on vacation.
  • Install and engage locks on all doors and windows.
  • Make it look like someone is home. Put lights and radios on timers.
  • Have a trusted friend cut the grass and pick up the mail and newspaper.
  • Set the ringer on your telephone to low. A ringing unanswered phone is a sign no one is home.
  • Tell a trusted neighbor where you can be reached in an emergency.
  • Notify the Roseville Police when you will be out of town for an extended period of time.

Keeping Your Neighborhood Safe

When you are home, you can help keep your neighborhood safe. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you see something suspicious, do not confront the person; instead note any identifying information - color of clothes or vehicle description, and immediately call 911.

Neighborhood Watch

Many Roseville neighbors have formed neighborhood watch groups to help each other keep alert against crime. If you want information or are interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch group, email Community Relations Coordinator Tim Hunt or call 651-792-7209.

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