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The City of Roseville has a committee which meets as needed to discuss concerns from residents regarding traffic safety. This committee is comprised of representatives from the city Manager’s office, the Police department and the Public Works/ Engineering area. Typical topics discussed are traffic calming, signage, speeding concerns and crosswalk requests.

To report a traffic safety concern, email or submit a Public Works online request form.

Links to Other Traffic Safety Resources

City Code 601.05

The placement and maintenance of traffic control devices on roads under the jurisdiction of the city is necessary to carry out the provisions in the Minnesota Traffic Code, Minn. Stat. Ch. 169, and in order to regulate, warn and guide traffic utilizing city roads. There is hereby created a Traffic Safety Committee consisting of the city Manager, Director of Public Works, and Chief of Police. The Traffic Safety Committee shall have the following authority:
  • To investigate and study all matters relating to vehicular traffic conditions including but not limited to parking, speed, traffic control, and traffic safety hazards.
  • To implement and provide for the installation of whatever traffic control devices are necessary to improve and promote traffic safety and properly manage the use of city roads.
  • To study and recommend to other road authorities maintaining roadways within the city corrective measures that may be deemed necessary to address traffic issues that may exist as to those authorities’ roads within the city. (Ord. 1335, 4-24-2006)
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