Neighborhood Enhancement Program

The NEP Program inspections have been completed for 2018.

Please see the map below for the area of the City inspected.
New in 2018 was the addition of a door hanger (see attachment in resources tab on the right). This new tool provided greater efficiency in notification when concerns are found.

Please visit our webpage in 2019 for program updates.
The Neighborhood Enhancement Program raises awareness of the importance of keeping homes and business properties in good repair in an effort to maintain our quality neighborhoods and to protect property values throughout our community. 


  • Opportunity to inform property owners about specific City regulations and encourages routine maintenance before a problem becomes more severe and costly to fix. 
  • Staff works with property owners to remedy any violations. 
  • Each year, the City visits over 3,000 properties.
We appreciate the strong community support for the City’s efforts to promote greater awareness of the value and benefits of maintaining our quality business and residential areas, and we appreciate our property owners’ commitment to maintaining their properties.  
If you have any questions or concerns please contact City staff at 651-792-7014 or 

The areas visited in 2018 are noted in the map below.
NEP 2018