Erosion Control and Stormwater Permit

Online Permits: Now Available!

The City of Roseville has launched a new online permitting system for your convenience. After creating a free user account, residents and contractors can apply for permits, pay fees online, request inspections, and get email updates of review progress and permit issuance.
To ensure that sediment from construction sites is not getting into the city’s storm sewer pipes, ponds and lakes, the City of Roseville requires that contractors obtain an Erosion Control Permit. For more information on this required permit, review the Erosion Control Handout and Ordinance links below.
Erosion Control
The Erosion Control Inspector inspects construction sites after a rain event, or at least once a week. Staff time spent on the inspection will vary depending on the size of the construction site. As a result of this, fees for this permit are based on the size of the site. This permit is good for one year from the date of issuance.

Application Fees

Size of Site
Initial Fee
(for first year)
Renewal Fee
(for each
additional year)
<5,000 SF (shoreland only)
1-2 weeks
<0.5 acre (residential remodel only)
1 month
Less than 1 acre
3 - 4 months
1 to 5 acres
7 - 8 months
5 or more acres
12 months
An escrow payment of $3,000 per acre (rounded up to nearest acre) is also required.

Forms and Information

Permit Requirements

  • Construction activity resulting in 5,000 square feet or more of land disturbance and / or within the shoreland overlay district requires an Erosion Control permit.
  • A Stormwater permit is required if any of the following occur:
  • Construction activity resulting in 5,000 square feet or more of new or reconstructed impervious surface area.
  • Surface soil disturbance or removal of vegetative cover on:
    • One half acre or more of land, regardless of location
    • Any land alteration within the wetland/shoreland management district
  • Constructing, improving, repairing or altering the hydraulic characteristics of a utility, bridge or culvert.
  • Constructing, improving, repairing or altering an existing or new public or private drainage system (open or tiled).
  • An Erosion Control plan shall be submitted with all permits.
  • A Stormwater plan shall be submitted with all permits (if applicable).
  • The permit needs to be signed by the applicant and the property owner.

Minimum Erosion Control Requirements

  • All controls shall be installed and inspected by the City before starting work on a site.  Please call 651-792-7004 to schedule a site inspection meeting before beginning construction.
  • Inlet protection and perimeter control shall be installed to manage sediment from the site.  
  • Street sweeping shall be performed at least weekly to remove sediment tracked onto City streets.
  • Stabilization is required for stock piles and exposed soils that have not been worked for 14 days.  
  • All basement and/or foundation excavation spoil piles shall be kept completely off city right-of-way and shall be completely surrounded with approved erosion control. 
  • All construction waste shall be properly managed and disposed of so it will not have an adverse impact on water quality.

Escrow Information

  • The City shall require an escrow as a part of the permit.  This sum of money shall ensure the inspection, installation, maintenance, and completion of the erosion control plan.
  • The applicant shall be responsible for proper operation and maintenance of all controls.  
  • Any problems identified by the City shall be addressed within 48 hours of notification.
  • If the applicant does not comply with the erosion control plan or requests from the City, the City may take such action as it deems appropriate to control erosion, including using the escrow money to sweep streets and repair or clean erosion controls.  
  • If correction items are not addressed within 48 hours of notice, escrow money will be deducted for staff time spent on follow up inspections. 
  • Remaining escrow funds will not be released until the site has undergone final stabilization and all erosion control has been removed.