Roseville School of Dance

Dance COVID Safety Sheet
Program Modification Guide - Fall

The Roseville School of Dance is a recreational dance program that progresses through the range of dance skills. Children are encouraged to start at a young age, but also welcomed whenever the interest strikes to learn the basics of dance. Each class has special requirements based on age & ability level. It is important that dancers follow the progression to master specific dance skills.

• We offer high quality dance instruction in a safe, fun environment.
• We work as a team to accomplish a common goal of love for dance & fine arts.

Dance classes will be held at the Roseville School of Dance Studio located in the Lexington Shoppes, on the northwest corner of Lexington and Woodhill. 2731 Lexington Ave North.

To speak with the dance coordinator email

Click here to register online! or call 651-792-7006

Fall Schedule 2020-2021
Registration Opens Tuesday, August 18th, 8:00 a.m.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unpredictability of COVID-19, we have updated the schedule to reflect two sessions instead of one long school year session. 

Session 1: September 12 - November 25
Registration Open August 18th at 8:00 am for Session 1. 

Session 2: November 30 - June 12 (Tentative recital June 11-12, 2021).
Registration for Session 2 opens Oct. 26 to Session 1 students.  Registration opens to new students Nov. 2.


Class Time Ages
Preschool 4:20-4:45pm 3-4
Beginner 1 - (Beginner 2/3 Session 2 only) 4:50-5:35pm 6-7
Beginner 3 5:45-6:35pm 8-10
Hip Hop 1 6:40-7:20pm 6-8


Class Time Ages
Baby Ballet 4:25-4:50pm 2-3
Preschool 4:55-5:20pm 3-4
Kindergarten 5:25-6:05pm 5-6
Hip Hop 2 6:10-6:50pm 9+
Hip Hop 3 6:55-7:40pm Completed Hip Hop 2


Class Time Ages
Baby Ballet   4:20-4:45pm 2-3
Beginner 1/2 4:50-5:35pm 6-9
Intermediate 1/2 5:45-6:45pm 10-13
Intermediate Technique 6:50-7:35pm 10-14
Intermediate 2 7:40-8:40pm 12-14


Class Time Ages
Kindergarten 4:45-5:25pm 5-6
Intermediate 3/Advanced 5:30-6:25pm 14-18
Intermediate/Advanced Technique 6:30-7:15pm 14-18
Competitive Dance Team Prep 7:20-8:45pm Completed Int. 2


Class Time Ages
Preschool 4:40-5:05pm 3-4
Hip Hop 3 5:10-5:55pm Completed Hip Hop 2
Hip Hop 1 6:00-6:40pm 6-8


Class Time Ages
Baby Ballet 9:00-9:25pm 2-3
Preschool Combo 9:30-10:10am 3-4
Kindergarten/Beginner 1 10:15-11:00am 5-7

Spring Recital Costume Info and Fees

Dancers performing in the spring recital need to purchase class-selected costumes by Jan 15. Costume fees can be paid through a payment plan (first half due Jan 15 and second half on Feb 15) or paid in full by Jan. 15. All dancers will be fitted in class.

Costume Fees:

Preschool $60

Kindergarten $60

Beginner 1 Classes $70

Beginner 2 Classes $85

Beginner 3 Classes $85

Intermediate 1 & 2 $110

Intermediate 3/Advanced $110

Hip Hop 1 & 2 $70

Hip Hop 3 $85

Competitive Dance Team Prep $95 


Click here to register online! You can also call 651-792-7006, or stop by Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Drive, Roseville, MN 55113