HANC Summer Camps

Half Day Camps

Fish Finders at Lake Bennett

Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheater Grades 1-4

Explore underwater habitats, learn about protecting water, understand the need for regulations & increase your fishing skills, all with equipment we supply. Note: Please have your fishers dressed appropriately for outdoors & bring rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, & water bottles. Morning snacks are provided. Drop off & pick up campers at the Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheatre.  $87 Regular, $79 RV Resident.

Program #1243.268 M-F Jun 10-14 9:00am-12:00pm

Trailblazers Travel Camp

HANC Parking Lot Grades 1-6

Spend afternoons checking out some great places to visit close to Roseville. Trips will include a variety of interactive, hands-on nature & science activities, like the Bell Museum, Planetarium, Gibbs Farm and Museum, Vertical Endeavors (rock climbing), Raptor Center and more. Activties include indoor and outdoor recreation and education. Trailblazers will leave HANC parking lot at 1:15pm and return at 4:00pm.  $133 Regular, $125 RV Resident.

Program #1243.269 M-F Jun 24-28 1:00pm-4:00pm

Full-day Summer Camps

HANC Grades 1-6

Enjoy mornings of fun nature education & afternoons of outdoor, nature-related recreation. Morning & afternoon snacks provided; bring your own lunch & beverage. NOTE: Be prepared for the outdoors, bring rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent & water bottles. Afternoon recreation will include lake swimming, biking & hiking. Drop-off 8-8:30am, pick-up 4:30-5pm.

Nature's Kitchen: Original Recipe

Make new foods every day and learn some science while you cook! You will make your own ice cream, shape and bake soft pretzels, cook pizza in a solar oven, and put together a wild rice pancake breakfast. Nature provides us with many fun and delicious food options!
Program # Days of the week Dates Fee (Regular) Fee (Resident)
1243.270 M - F July 8-12 $197 $189
1243.271 M, W, F July 8, 10, 12 $129 $121
1243.272 M, Tu, Th July 8, 9, 11 $129 $121
1243.273 M-F, 8am-12noon July 8-12 $148 $140

A Bee's Life

Get ready for a BUZZING good time as you find out how bees help us, who else is in their "family," and what happens inside the hive. You can watch our beehives, build a bee house, and mix up a honey treat, all while learning why we should care about bees.

Program # Days of the week Dates Fee (Regular) Fee (Resident)
1243.274 M - F Jul 15-19 $197 $189
1243.275 M, W, F Jul 15, 17, 19 $129 $121
1243.276 M, Tu, Th Jul 15, 16, 18 $129 $121
1243.277 M-F, 8am-12noon Jul 15-19 $148 $140

Stone Soup

Explore the world of volcanoes, rocks and minerals, traveling sediments, gigantic earth movements, and prehistoric animal fossils. Prepare a "stone soup", go ice skating and more. Mornings of fun nature education and afternoons of nature-related recreation await you.
Program # Days of the week Dates Fee (Regular) Fee (Resident)
1243.278 M - F Aug 19-23 $197 $189
1243.279 M, W, F Aug 19, 21, 23 $129 $121
1243.280 M, Tu, Th Aug 19, 20, 22 $129 $121
1243.281 M-F, 8am-12noon Aug 19-23 $148 $140

Backyard Builders - Wonders of Water

Explore the power, mystery and magic of water through hands-on experiments and projects. Pretend to live during the Roman Empire and make and Archimedes Screw, discover the world of weather by making a weather station, and try your hand at building a waterwheel. One day will be devoted to a water EXTRAVAGANZA with water bottle rockets, giant bubbles, and water walls. Students will be outside for much of the time, so dress accordingly. 

Program # Days of the week Dates Fee (Regular) Fee (Resident)
1243.282 M - F Aug 26-30 $217 $209
1243.283 M, W, F Aug 26, 28, 30 $149 $141
1243.284 M, Tu, Th Aug 26, 27, 29 $149 $141
1243.285 M-F, 8am-12noon Aug 26-30 $168 $160


Go online, telephone 651-792-7006 or come in person to Roseville Parks and Recreation at City Hall.

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