Golden Rose Medallion Hunt

Rose Medallion


The Golden Rose Medallion hunt is an annual tradition in which hunters fan out through Roseville's many parks during Rosefest in search of the Golden Rose Medallion. The winner(s) get a fabulous prize package of over $500 in gift cards and giveaways from local businesses. 

Check back soon for more information on this year's Medallion Hunt! One clue per day will be released.

The person who finds the Golden Rose Medallion will receive a prize package of nearly $500 in prizes. Click here to view prize list from last year (2017). 

Follow the @rvmedallionhunt twitter page for real time updates on the hunt!

2018 Medallion Hunt Clues

Clues will be released daily at noon here and via the @RVMedallionhunt twitter page. Stop by select sponsor locations for early release of clues- exact sponsor locations to come. 

2017 Medallion Hunt Results

Congrats to Bob and his family for finding last years Medallion!

Click here to view the Golden Rose Medallion Hunt final write up. 
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