2014 Community Survey

Residents Give Roseville High Marks
Roseville residents said in a recent survey that they have a high quality of life, are pleased with the direction of the city, and believe the city service they receive are a good value. The 400-person random telephone survey was conducted in April of 2014 by the Minneapolis-based Morris Leatherman Company (formerly Decision Resources, Ltd.).
  • Residents of Roseville claim to be very happy with their community, with 99% approving of their quality of life. A total of 48% rated their quality of life in Roseville as “Excellent”, with 51% rating it as “Good”. These combined figure rank among the best in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, according to Morris Leatherman. Personal safety, quality neighborhoods, our convenient location, and friendly people were most frequently stated as reasons for reporting a high quality of life. Additionally, 98% of residents reported feeling accepted and welcome in the city. Residents expressed high expectations, but believe that the city council and city staff are meeting their needs with 93% saying that Roseville is generally headed in the right direction. Morris Leatherman considers anything over 90% to be an outstanding endorsement of the direction of a city.
  • Roseville residents expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the city services they receive. The city’s parks received a strong endorsement from residents for upkeep, maintenance and overall facility quality. The participation rate among parks programs was also among the highest in the Metro. Police, fire and infrastructure element of the city scored high as well.
  • Residents also gave city leadership some items to think about, expressing a desire for more reasonably-priced starter homes for young families, as well as affordable rental units. Respondents also expressed a desire for the city to invest in additional trails connecting neighborhoods to parks, shopping, and each other. While not hostile on the tax issue, a plurality of residents would oppose an increase in city property taxes. Additionally, 82% of residents said the quality of services they receive from the city are a good or excellent value. This value figure ranked Roseville among the top 25% of Metropolitan Area suburbs.
  • Survey contractor Morris Leatherman will be providing an executive summary of the data soon. The firm will also be making a formal presentation before the city council in July.
Overall, the survey of Roseville residents explored the following areas:
  • Communication Issues
  • Community Priorities
  • Concern of Residents
  • Quality of Life
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Residential Demographics
  • Taxes and City Services
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