2019 Budget Information

Final Budget and Tax Levy Hearing

November 14, 2018

The Roseville City Council will hold its final hearing on the 2019 budget and tax levy on Monday, November 26 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting represents the final chance for residents to weigh in on the proposed 2019 budget.

Did You Know?

All Roseville City Council meetings are open to the public and include time for public comment. Meetings are held at Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Dr., and begin at 6 p.m. Meetings are also shown live on cable channel 16 in Roseville and streamed live on the Internet. A video archive of City Council meetings is also available.
The final 2019 budget vote is set for Monday, December 3, the last scheduled council meeting of the year.

Residents unable to attend the meeting but who wish to provide the city council with their thoughts on the budget may do so by emailing city.council@cityofroseville.com or completing a city council contact form at www.cityofroseville.com/council.

Council meetings are held at Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Drive. Meetings are open to the public. Meetings are web-streamed live at www.cityofroseville.com/webstreaming and shown on Cable Channel 16.

City Council Approves Preliminary Budget, Tax Levy

September 24, 2018

The City Council approved a preliminary property tax levy increase of 4.2 percent for 2019 at its Monday, September 24 meeting. The 4.2 percent increase is now the maximum amount the City Council can raise the 2019 property tax levy.

State statute requires cities to adopt a preliminary tax levy and budget by September 30 for the upcoming fiscal year. Once the preliminary levy is adopted it can be lowered, but not increased.

The City Council will vote on adopting Roseville’s final 2019 budget, tax levy and utility rates on December 3. Additional upcoming meetings featuring 2019 budget items include a review of proposed 2019 utility rates on November 5 and the final 2019 budget (truth-in-taxation) hearing on November 26.

The levy approved by the City Council will generate $21,551,650, with approximately $11.86 million coming from residential properties in the city. This is an increase of $871,145 compared to the 2018 property tax levy and $113,600 more than the preliminary levy proposed by City Manager Patrick Trudgeon on August 13.

The additional levy dollars added by the City Council will reduce the amount of reserve funds used to balance the city’s budget. This will ensure that the general fund maintains adequate reserves and remains in compliance with city policies.

The impact of the levy increase on residents will vary depending on a property’s value and change in value compared to 2018. Based on expected property value increases of about 7.6 percent, the median-valued Roseville home, valued at $254,900, will see a monthly property tax increase of $5.03 to $80.40 per month.

The City Council elected to adopt City Manager recommended budget of $55,707,140 without change. The preliminary budget adopted by the Council is an increase of $1,467,910 compared to Roseville’s 2018 budget of $54,239,230. It continues to fund all existing city programs and services, with inflationary costs and a small number of enhancements accounting for the majority of the growth.

The City Council also adopted a preliminary tax levy of $473,660 on behalf of the Roseville Economic Development Authority (REDA). The adopted total is a decrease of $150,000 compared the figure proposed by staff in August and translates to a cost of approximately $5.94 annually or $.50 per month for a median-valued Roseville home.

The City Council encourages residents to attend future meetings and participate in the budget process. All City Council agendas, meeting packets and meeting minutes are available in the Agenda Center. All  meetings air live on Roseville Cable Channel 16 and are also available to be streamed live and on-demand.

City Manager Presents 2019 Preliminary Budget

August 13, 2018

Roseville City Manager Patrick Trudgeon presented the 2019 recommended budget at the Monday, August 13 City Council meeting. The presentation provided the City Council and public with details about the proposed operating and capital budget for the city and subsequent property tax impact.
The process of developing a city’s annual budget is a balancing act with many priorities competing for limited resources. For the past several months, Roseville staff, with feedback from the City Council, have been reviewing department budgets, developing organizational priorities and considering community needs.

The 2019 budget recommended by Trudgeon totals $55,707,140. It proposes an increase of $1,467,910 compared to Roseville’s $54,239,230 fiscal 2018 budget. The 2019 budget continues to fund all existing city programs and services. The increase is primarily due to inflationary costs and a limited number of enhancements.

The proposed 2019 budget is partially funded with $21,438,050 from property taxes. Of the total property tax revenue, residential property taxes account for approximately $11.8 million. The remaining revenue total, $34,269,090 or 62 percent of the budget, comes from fee-based revenue sources such as  license and permit fees, recreation program fees, user charges for water and sewers, intergovernmental sources, court fees, interest earnings and reserves.

The 2019 recommended property tax levy increase is $757,545 and includes both residential and commercial properties in Roseville. It is an increase of 3.7 percent compared to the 2018 levy.

The impact on residents will vary depending on a property’s value and change in value compared to 2018. Based on expected property value increases of about 7.6 percent, the median-valued Roseville home, valued at $254,900, would see a monthly property tax increase of $4.56 to $79.93.

The City Council will vote on approving the preliminary budget and property tax levy at its September 24 meeting. Prior to that meeting, the City Council is requesting feedback on the proposed budget from residents.

Residents can share their thoughts on the budget by completing the Budget Priorities Card including in the upcoming September/October city newsletter which is mailed to all Roseville residences. For residents who prefer to share their thoughts electronically, an online Budget Priorities Form is available at www.cityofroseville.com/budgetfeedback. Residents may also email the City Council directly at city.council@cityofroseville.com.

2019 Budget Meetings

July 16 Discussion on City Council Budgetary Goals
August 13 City Manager recommended budget presented to City Council
Sept. 17 Receive Budget Recommendations from the Finance Commission
Sept. 24 Adoption of Preliminary Budget and Tax Levy
Nov. 5 Review and adoption of 2019 of water and sewer rates
Nov. 26 Final 2019 Budget Hearing

Dec. 3 Adoption of 2019 budget and tax levy