Safety Tips

Ramsey County Adult Protective Services

Ramsey County Adult Protective Services helps vulnerable adults, their caregivers and support persons. Ramsey County Adult Protective Services addresses maltreatment, neglect, self-neglect, and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. Details are on the Ramsey County Adult Protective Services website.

Vulnerable Adults are:
  • Someone who is 18 or over AND Needs institutional services - lives in a nursing home, hospital, licensed facility such as a group home or foster care OR
  • Needs home health services OR
  • Needs help in caring for and protecting themselves, because they have a physical, mental, or emotional disability
If someone is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1

How to Make A Report if you Suspect or Know a Vulnerable Adult is Maltreated:
  • Immediately, call Ramsey County Adult Protection, which is the designated ENTRY POINT for Ramsey county.
  • Call intake at 651-266-4012.
  • If it is after regular office hours, call Emergency Social Services at 651-291-6795.
  • Minnesota statutes require that reports of maltreatment of vulnerable adults be investigated and reported to the state.
  • Reporters' names are confidential and retaliation is prohibited and penalized.

If a Vulnerable Individual is Missing

Comments from the Roseville Police Department
Roseville Police Department encourages anybody concerned with the welfare of somebody to call 9-1-1; especially, if they believe the person or persons are in danger to themselves or others.  

In cases of a missing person, a call to 9-1-1 should be made as soon as the person is thought to be missing, in order to reduce the search area as much as possible. When calling 9-1-1, be sure to remain patient with the dispatcher and answer the questions with as much detail as possible. Emergency personnel are dispatched to the location while you are giving the details to the dispatcher and are not dispatched at the end of the call. 
A recent photo can be very helpful for law enforcement to use to push through various networks to help identify a missing person.  

Depending on the threat, Roseville Police uses A Child is Missing; which alerts every phone landline within a geographic location to provide information regarding the missing person.  This program is not solely used for children.  If reaching a higher level of risk or threat, then the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension will push a missing person alert to all Public Safety Agencies.

The Roseville Fire Department offers the Vial of Life, a list of helpful personal and medical information to be used by Police, Fire, or other emergency personnel in the case of an emergency.
If you are interested in receiving a Vial of Life kit, stop by Roseville Fire, 2701 Lexington Ave. N., Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 P.M. Contact fire department assistant Emily Kendall at or 651-792-7309 if you have questions or need more information.

Wanderers Information Sheet 

This is a 12 page, detailed information sheet to share with law enforcement, if someone you care for with memory loss is wandering. All information should be filled out before any incident occurs, except a description of the current clothing worn by the wanderer. If someone is wandering, you only need to complete the description of his/her clothing, before turning the document over to law enforcement. A current photograph is attached to the form. 

Information on the form includes: physical health of wanderer, functional assessment of the wanderer’s ability to perform activities of daily living, history of prior wandering events, the name the wanderer responds to, cognitive skills, emotional behaviors, etc.

You can download copies of the Wanderers Information Sheet.

This form is available from the Aging Institute of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Senior Services and University of Pittsburgh.

For more information about preventing unsafe wandering, creating a safe environment, and location devices contact Betty Robison, Gerontology Educator at the Aging Institute at 1-866-430-8742.

Project Lifesaver

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office partners with Project Lifesaver and LoJack SafetyNet to utilize technology that can help keep vulnerable loved ones out of harm’s way.

A Project Lifesaver subscriber wears a wrist or ankle band 24/7 with a radio transmitter that can be tracked by participating law enforcement agencies.  There is monthly fee for participation in this program.  

Information is available on the Ramsey County Sheriff Project Lifesaver website or by calling 651-266-7332.

Tips and Resources to Prevent Emergency Situations 
Source: Alzheimer’s Speaks 

Reduce the Risk of Wandering – Quick Tips for Caregivers – Mara Botonis 
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Info Bands/Bracelets/Tracking Devices
Project Lifesaver
Medic Tag
Road ID
SafetyNet by Lojack
Hickory Healthcare Solutions My Medical ID
Assisting Hands LifeShare Technologies
iLOC Technologies Medical USB Connect
Sengistix Connect4Healthcare
GrandCare Systems My Medic Info
Unus Tactus Elegant Medical Alert