Twin Lakes Planning Process

City Council Rezoned Remaining Parcels - Monday , January 25
On December 10, 2015, the Metropolitan Council approved the CPA for the parcels at 2805 – 2837 Fairview Avenue, 2830 Fairview Avenue, and 1633 – 1775 Terrace Drive. The City Council passed an ordinance rezoning the subject parcels to CMU-1 in order to conform to the land use designation in the comprehensive plan amendment approved by the Council on October 26, 2015.

City Council Approved Amendments - Monday, October 26
The City Council passed Ordinance 1483, which established zoning districts CMU-1, CMU-2, CMU-3, and CMU-4, as well as the regulations applicable in each of those districts, and passed Ordinance No. 1482 rezoning most of the parcels in Twin Lakes to their respective CMU-2, -3, & -4 Districts. To begin the process of rezoning the parcels addressed as 2805 – 2837 Fairview Avenue, 2830 Fairview Avenue, and 1633 – 1775 Terrace Drive to CMU-1, the City Council also passed Resolution 11269, which changed the Comprehensive Plan’s land use guidance on these parcels from High-Density Residential (HR) to Community Mixed-Use (CMU). Before the City Council could rezone these subject properties as intended, the Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) fundamental to the rezoning needed to be reviewed and approved by the Metropolitan Council. 
Planning Commission Special Meeting - Thursday, September 17
The Planning Commission held a special meeting September 17, 2015, at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers to discuss amendments to the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code pertaining to various properties within the Twin Lakes redevelopment area.  The public hearing for this item was held on September 2, 2015.
Planning Commission Public Hearing - Wednesday, September 2
The Planning Commission held a public hearing September 2, 2015 at 6 pm in the Council Chambers for the consideration of amendments to the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code pertaining to various properties within the Twin Lakes redevelopment area. The City Council’s discussions over recent months have yielded a draft rezoning of all properties in Twin Lakes as well as a change in the comprehensive plan’s general land use guidance for the Twin Lakes parcels currently guided for high-density residential development.
Planning Commission Packet Item 5f - page 216.

Parks Commission Update on August 4
On August 4, 2015, the Community Development Director provided an update to the Parks and Recreation Commission regarding the Twin Lakes planning process and discussing possible impacts and opportunities for the parks in the area. Parks and Recreation Commission Packet  (see Item 4).  Please note: The Parks and Recreation Commission meeting will begin at 8 pm due to Night to Unite. 
About the July 23 Open House and Public Input Meeting

Thanks to all who attended and offered input at the Open House meeting July 23 related to the continuing planning process for Twin Lakes. See Open House Invitation

July 23rd Maps and Handouts
Sub Areas Map
Existing Zoning Map
Proposed Zoning Map
Regulating Plan Expansion Map
Twin Lakes Land Use Table
About the June 22 City Council Meeting

The Council will review the summary of the Twin Lakes zoning discussions, and Planning Division staff is seeking Council direction to initiate the process of amending the comprehensive plan and zoning code as discussed and refer the issue to the Planning Commission for further review. See June 22 Council Packet - Item 15 b

About the June 8 City Council Meeting
The Council will continue their discussion about land uses in Twin Lakes.  The primary goal is to provide direction about how definitions and height regulations might be improved in the Zoning Code. See June 8 Council Packet - Item 15 b

About the May 4 City Council Meeting
The Council will draw on the public input about land use preferences in Twin Lakes gathered in January and February 2015 to discuss whether there are any other uses that should be reconsidered as far as permitted, conditional, or prohibited. See May 4 Council Packet - Item 15.a

About the April 13 City Council Meeting
At their March 23rd meeting, the City Council asked staff to follow up on 8 areas regarding development in the Twin Lakes area. Staff has reviewed the direction received from the City Council and will present a proposal to Council about how to proceed. No formal Council action is being sought, rather staff is seeking guidance regarding next steps. See April 13 Council Packet - Item 15 d.

About the March 23 City Council Meeting
The information gathered at the January 14th and February 25th public input meetings will be presented to the Council at their Monday, March 23rd meeting - Agenda Item 15a.  No formal Council action is being sought, rather staff is seeking general guidance regarding next steps the City Council would like to see occur in the Twin Lakes area. View the Council's full March 23rd Agenda

About the February 25 Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the public input results meeting on February 25. The City reviewed the results of the January 14th listening session where residents and businesses weighed in on land use and redevelopment ideas. 

February 25 Meeting Handouts
Twin Lakes Subareas Map
Twin Lakes Ownership Map
Twin Lakes Feedback Results (contact Paul Bilotta directly to get the raw data)
Powerpoint presentation

About the January 14 Meeting
Thanks to everyone who attended the public input meeting on January 14. We apologize for not having enough maps to accommodate the large number of people who attended the first session. Use the links below to download the maps and land use definitions that were provided in the meeting. 

January 14 Meeting Handouts 
Twin Lakes Aerial - 1985
Twin Lakes Aerial - 2012
Twin Lakes Subarea Maps 1-7
Twin Lakes Subareas (All)
Twin Lakes Zoning Map
Land Use Definitions
More Information
If you have additional questions regarding Twin Lakes, contact Paul Bilotta via email or by calling 651-792-7071.