2018 Pavement Management Project


The City of Roseville manages a comprehensive Pavement Management Program which includes repaving several miles of local streets annually.  In 1986 Roseville began a program to reconstruct substandard residential streets. This program, called the Pavement Management Program (PMP), upgrades streets by neighborhood based on street condition.

To see which streets are scheduled to be repaved and have utility work done this summer, please see the 2018 Project Map.  The majority of the roadways will have the top two inches of pavement milled off, or removed, and repaved. Roads that have watermain work done will be reclaimed (grind the road to gravel) and will be resurfaced with four new inches of pavement in two layers of pavement. 

The cost of this project is funded by existing City funds. There will be NO ASSESSMENTS for this work within the City of Roseville.

This year’s project was awarded to T.A. Schifsky & Sons, Inc who is the prime contractor responsible for all of the work.

Project Schedule

All major work has been completed.