Tech-Tac-Toe Camps

Technological literacy is becoming as important as knowing how to read & write. The mission is to spread this knowledge through high quality, kid friendly classes that motivate & get young minds excited about technology, computers and science. Classes are designed to engage children in multiple ways: from conceptualization to design, ultimately building life-skills such as problem solving, logic, & creativity. Programs are presented in a kid friendly way & tailored to their abilities. Make great use of video game programming and other fun computer-based programs, as this allows children to learn the way they learn best: playing!

Tech-Tac-Toe offers a wide variety of tech based camps for grades K-5. Camps run four days a week (M-Th) either in the morning or the afternoon. To learn more and register for the Tech-Tac-Toes offered the summer 2019 season, click here. 

Please bring a peanut-free snack & beverage and a USB Jump Drive to save your work.


Ultimate Hovercrafts-Air Blast Engineering

Grades 2-5 Oasis Park Building

Explore the power of Air like never before!  Build a super cool hover craft (to take home!), have a blast experimenting with pressurized car launching, learn to harness the power of air in engineering, create pneumatics machines and much more. 
Registration Deadline: June 12

#1606.501 M-Th June 17-20 1:00pm-4:00pm $125

T3 STEM Squad: Bricks and Robots

Grades K-3 Rosebrook Park Building

This camp has it all! for curious minds that want to have a STEMtastic summer getting engaged in amazing projects.   We’ll have a blast programming Ozobots, building cool machines using LEGO bricks, and more! Registration deadline: June 19

#1606.502 M-Th June 24-27 9:00am-12:00pm $110

T3 STEM Squad: Loco-Motion!

Grades K-3 Oasis Park Building

Go loco-fun this summer as you tinker, brainstorm and solve cool engineering challenges that move!
  You and your team will be put to the test to create the fastest…everything!  Including a catamaran, land yachting, rocket car and many more fun, fast paced adventures! Registration deadline: July 10

#1606.503 M-Th July 15-18 1:00pm-4:00pm $110

Best Ever Rocket Launch

Grades 2-5 Rosebrook Park Building

When we mean ultimate, we mean ultimate!
  In this camp you’ll not only learn all about rocketry and launch a rocket up to 300 feet up into the air, you’ll also build your own rocket, create rocket fuel!, explore the lunar mission with an over 3ft tall LEGO® Saturn V Model, learn about the night sky as you create and take home a super cool illuminated constellation map and a illuminated planet so when night falls you can travel to stars and planets with your imagination.  To top it all off, you’ll create a parachute for your Lego Minifigure!  Please bring one 2 liter plastic bottle. Registration deadline: July 31

#1606.504 M-Th Aug 5-8 1:00pm-4:00pm $105


Registration is open online, by phone at 651-792-7006, or in person at 2660 Civic Center Drive, Roseville.