Behind the Badge

Go Behind the Badge with the Roseville Police Department and get a behind-the-scenes look at what a day in the life of a Roseville Police Officer is like. The Roseville Police Department partnered with CTV North Suburbs to produce Behind the Badge to enhance outreach to our community.

Behind the Badge is funded by the generous support of the Roseville Police Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to advance public safety by supporting and providing additional resources to strengthen the Roseville Police Department and to help provide an enhanced capacity to deliver quality services through outreach and innovative training.

Episode I

Take a virtual ride-along with Officer Kyle Eckert. Officer Eckert is a five-year veteran of the RVPD, working the night shift. He encounters both drug and alcohol related activities during his shift.

Episode II

Join 15-year veteran Officer Jesse Lowther as he patrols Roseville on a cold winter day. This episode features a stolen automobile investigation, theft, and drugs.

Episode III

Ride along with Officer Joe Cox, a former prosecuting attorney turned RVPD Officer working the night shift, as he encounters both domestic disturbances, drivers under the influence of alcohol, a role-over accident, and other all-to-common vehicular offenses during his shift.