City Priority Plan

2019-2020 City Priority Plan (complete document)

The Roseville City Council began development of a City Priority Plan in 2015. Since then, the Council has continued to review and refine priorities.

The Council has determined that there will be five strategic priorities on which the city will focus in 2019 and 2020:
  • Economic Development
  • Inclusive Community and Governance
  • Capital Improvements 
  • Housing
  • Environmental Sustainability 
In order to implement these priorities, the City Council has identified strategic initiatives under each Strategic Priority.

Economic Development Strategic Initiatives

  • Continue Imagine Roseville Efforts and follow through with outcomes
  • Facilitate City-wide Economic Development
  • Advance Rice/Larpenteur Alliance Plan

Inclusive Community and Governance

  • Continue Southeast Roseville Working Group Activities with Stakeholders
  • Implement Racial Equity Plan
  • Create Community Engagement Toolkit

Capital Improvements

  • Increase Pedestrian Connectivity
  • Improve Storm Water Facilities
  • Expand Transit Connections


  • Housing in Roseville Meets All Identified Needs (Housing Style/Type, Affordability, Availability, Market Needs)

Environmental Sustainability

  • Reduce City’s Carbon Footprint
  • Increase Green Step City Step Certification Level
The 2019-2020 City Priority Plan was approved by the City Council on August 12, 2019.