Summer Arts Theatre Camps

Rosetown Playhouse offers week-long day camps, plus Spontaneous Invention, a teen improvisation program which meets three times a week for a month. Time to put that imagination to work for lots of fun!

Day Camps

Each week create, rehearse & perform a new play. Camps meet Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm at RAMS Auditorium. Final presentation on Friday. Bring a lunch. Regular $140; RV Resident $132

Cactus Pete and Whippersnap Gang 

#3306.260  July 9-13 Ages 10-15 years old
Cactus Pete’s Saloon was the coolest place in town, but now it’s the home of the biggest brawl in the desert! Tumbleweed blows, shots are fired, and the Whippersnap gang is riding into town. Strap on your cowboy boots and warm up your vocal chords as we explore the world of the wild west in this week’s play. Learn campfire tunes, stage a shoot-out, and discover the tricks of the stage. Perfect for the young singer/dancer who’s got a knack for causing trouble AND saving the day! A trip to Cactus Pete’s is impossible to forget.

Dragons, and Faeries, and Trolls, oh my! 

#3306.261  July 16-20 Ages 7-12 years old
Time to turn out the lights. This week, we’ll lurk in the world of dark characters: vampires, ninjas, werewolves, ghouls, ghosts, monsters-under-the-bed, & the undead.
Come learn about fog machines, stage blood, & shadow screens while we create an original play for Friday. A fantastic choice for kids who love the spookiness of

Spyhouse of Triple Agents 

#3306.262  July 23-27 Ages 11-16 years old
Secret gadgets, double-takes, slapstick, bad disguises, and terrible puns will all feature in this hilarious comedy about a team of wanna-be secret agents. Learn the tricks of the trade, work on your spy stealth skills, cross laser beam security systems, practice your improv, and perform in your own play at the end of the week. Perfect for the young comedian who loves making people laugh and wants to learn more about physical comedy.

Pirates vs Aliens 

#3306.263  July 30-August 3 Ages 8-13 years old
The galaxy is in trouble, and only this specialized group of young space pirates will be able to set it right in one epic showdown. Pirate-Spaceship battles, crash landings, zero gravity, and bizarre aliens will feature in what we know will be our most spectacular “special effects" week ever! If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with, shadows, fog machines, black light, strobe light, puppets, or creating an ocean (or a galaxy) onstage—this week is for YOU!

Spontaneous Invention - Teen Improv Program

#3306.264 June 19-July 20 (Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday) Ages 13-16 years old
$85 Acorn Park 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Get faster, funnier & fearless onstage with Rosetown Playhouse’s summer improv program! Spend summer afternoons learning improv skills with your friends, enjoying local parks, & performing shows for the public. No experience necessary, teens of all skill levels are welcome to apply! Rehearsals June 19 – July 20 with performances through August 3. Times & locations of performances will be decided in the first few weeks of rehearsal.

Registration can be made in person at Roseville Parks and Recreation at City Hall, by mail or fax (651-792-7100), by phone at 651-792-7110, or by online registration.