Parks Renewal Pathway Improvements


As part of the City of Roseville’s efforts to provide pathways for non-motorized users and to connect Parks, the City of Roseville will be constructing 8 new pathway segments.  Most of the segments will help eliminate a small gap in a pathway segment.

The locations of the new pathway segments can be found on the map and are listed below:
1.  Pathway in Tamarack Park
2.  Victoria Street, Country Road C – Woodhill Avenue
3.  Lexington Avenue, Burke Avenue to Parker Avenue
4.  Lexington Avenue, Parker Avenue to Shryer Avenue - COMPLETED
5.  Lexington Avenue, Shryer Avenue to Roselawn Avenue - COMPLETED
6.  Dale Street, County Road B to Sandhurst Drive - COMPLETED
7.  County Road B, Dale Street to Sandhurst Drive - COMPLETED
8.  Langton Lake Trail Connection to Twin Lakes Parkway - COMPLETED

The remaining pathway segments will be constructed in the Spring of 2018.


This project is being funded using Parks Renewal Funds and Ramsey County State Aid Funds. 

Traffic Impacts

During construction of the new pathways there may be some minor lane shifts or shoulder closures.


The remaining segments will be completed in the Spring of 2018.