Aerial Sling Dance & Yoga

Fairview Community Ctr

Come master the feeling of flight! Our professional aerialist instructor will safely take you through aerial dance and yoga moves, one at a time. Each participant will progress from one pose to the next at their own rate. Individualized instruction will allow for age appropriate development - there will be something for every age! Participants gain flexibility, confidence and experience a full-body workout! You won't know how hard you are working because you are having so much fun!
Program # Day/Date Time Age Fee
2901.856 M Sep 24 - Oct 29 Beginner 7:30-8:15pm 8-18 $90
2901.857 M Sep 24 - Oct 29 Intermediate/Advanced 8:20-9:05pm 8-18 $90
2901.862 M Nov 5 - Dec 10 Beginner 7:30-8:15pm 8-18 $90
2901.863 M Nov 5 - Dec 10 Intermediate/Advanced 8:20-9:05pm 8-18 $90
You may register by mail, by fax at 651-792-7100, by phone 651-792-7110, in person at the Roseville Parks and Recreation offices, 2660 Civic Center Drive, or register online