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Deer Management FAQ's

Why is it necessary to reduce the deer numbers in Roseville?

Deer in Roseville have no natural predators and are animals that adapt well to suburban environments. As a result, deer numbers have exploded to unstainable levels based upon the city’s available natural habitat.

What damage concerns does this program address?

Because of Roseville’s lack of available natural habitat, deer have been to encroaching on the community, causing damage. In addition to overgrazing native trees shrubs and plants in local parks and preserves and providing a foothold for invasive plant species, deer eat and damage a wide variety of ornamental and garden plants in suburban settings. Growing deer populations have also raised concerns over increased occurrences Lyme disease from deer ticks as well as damage to vehicles and injuries to people resulting from collisions with deer.

How will the deer removal be carried out?

The City has contracted with the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services Program to conduct the removal of an approved number of deer via the use of sharp shooters. The USDA has a strong safety record conducting these types of activities in and around cities, parks, and airports. Public safety is the highest priority in conducting these activities.

What will be done with the deer carcasses?

All deer that are removed will be processed and donated to charitable organizations or needy families approved by and coordinated with the MNDNR. 

Will residents be notified of the Deer Management program?

Yes, a letter to residents surrounding the removal locations was mailed out. Also, postings will be placed at all removal locations.

Where will the removal be conducted?

Specific locations are selected annually based on safety and population. Once locations are selected they will be posted on the Deer Management Plan page. Additionally, a mailing will be sent to resident who live near to the removal locations. 

  1. Lead Free Roseville

    The City of Roseville is required by the Minnesota Department of Health to document whether water service lines are made from brass, copper, galvanized iron, or lead. All properties must be inspected by October 2024. Read on...
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    Help Name Roseville’s New Park

    The City of Roseville is building a new park on the western edge of the city and residents are invited to help name this new community green space. Read on...
  2. Retired Food Scientist volunteers her time and skills at Arboretum

    Retired Food Scientist volunteers her time and skills at Arboretum

    Pat Waletzko was born and raised on a farm in outstate Minnesota. Read on...
  3. Join the Plastic-Free Challenge!

    Take the Plastic-Free Challenge this February

    Although plastic is a versatile material with many uses, it is concerning because it presents health risks, contributes to litter and pollution, and is challenging to dispose of. Read on...
  4. Roseville’s Mechanics Work Behind the Scenes to Keep the City on Track

    Roseville’s Mechanics Work Behind the Scenes to Keep the City on Track

    It takes more than 330 vehicles to keep the City of Roseville rolling. That's everything from fire engines to street sweepers to construction equipment. Read on...
  5. Voting begins tomorrow for the presidential primary.

    How to Vote in Minnesota’s Presidential Primary

    2024 is an election year with multiple opportunities to exercise your right to vote. Read on...
  6. Fade to Black Barber Lounge  Finds Sweet Spot in Roseville

    Fade to Black Barber Lounge Finds Sweet Spot in Roseville

    Barber Mike Black spent a year scouting for the ideal location for his Fade to Black Barber Lounge before choosing Roseville. Read on...
  7. RFD news release January 14, 2024.

    Press Release: Structure Fire at 2700 Block of Asbury, Two Adults Transported to HCMC

    Roseville Firefighters responded to a fire at a townhouse on the 2700 Block of Asbury where two adults were transported to the Hennepin County Medical Center for smoke inhalation. Read on...
  8. Multicultural Advisory Committee helps Officers to Better Understand the Community’s Perspective

    Multicultural Advisory Committee helps Officers to Better Understand the Community’s Perspective

    Community members drive the conversations on Roseville Police Department’s Multicultural Advisory Committee. Police leaders intentionally take a backseat, explains Roseville Police Chief Erika Scheider. Read on...
  9. Warm Weather Delays Ice Rink Openings

    Warm Weather Delays Neighborhood Ice Rink Openings

    UPDATE: Lexington Park Rink is open for skating. All other rinks are expected to open late next week. Crews are actively building ice. Read on...
  10. What type of water service do you have?

    The City of Roseville needs your help!

    Federal safe drinking water regulations require an inventory of all water service lines to reduce any potential lead exposure. Read on...
  11. MLK volunteer event 2024.

    MLK Day Natural Resources Event

    The City of Roseville has nearly 700 acres of parkland and natural spaces including blooming prairies, majestic woodlands, and wetlands teeming with wildlife. Read on...
  12. A graphic shows the John Rose MN OVAL won USA Today&#39s Best Ice Skating Rink contest.

    OVAL Named the Best Ice Skating Rink in the Nation!

    Roseville’s own John Rose Minnesota OVAL went head-to-head with some of the most iconic ice rinks in the country - and we iced the competition! Read on...
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