Hiring Process

RPD's New Recruit Academy
To become a police officer with the Roseville Police Department, you need to be licensed or eligible to be licensed through the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. To review the eligibility requirements, check out the POST Board website.  

In order to join our department, you must be prepared to go through a comprehensive and challenging hiring process including a thorough psychological examination by licensed psychologists. We strive to find only those candidates who exemplify the culture and characteristics that the Roseville PD desires in its officers including a strong work ethic, high moral character, resoluteness in honesty and integrity, and a sincere desire to serve the community fairly and without bias.

A Roseville Police Officer candidates can expect:
  • Multi-stage interview process - Up to three oral panel interviews and a one-on-one interview with the Chief of Police. Interviews may be conducted in person or remotely.
  • Physical agility test (Concept 2 Rower) - An applicant is required to complete the 2,000 meter row and achieve a minimum score. The passing score is determined based on gender, age and weight. 
  • Background investigation - Offered to candidates who have passed the interview process; includes but is not limited to an interview with a background investigator and a review of criminal record, military record, driving record, education and employment history, and a credit and reference check. 
  • Psychological assessment - Several instruments, as well as a comprehensive interview performed by a licensed psychologist, are used to identify success factors that include integrity, cultural competence, absence of bias, impulse control, tolerance, flexibility, openness, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.
  • Medical exam - Review of medical records and physical examination given by medical personnel to those ready to be offered employment. Costs covered by RPD. 
  • New Hire Academy - Taught by Roseville PD officers, the new hire academy serves as a primer to RPD's rigorous field training program. The academy includes scenario-based advanced training on active shooter, de-escalation, report writing, use of force and responding to individuals in crisis. 
  • Field Training program - Intensive on-the-job training and daily performance evaluations (minimum of 16 weeks).