2023 Adult Summer Softball

Roseville offers a wide array of adult softball leagues in the summer. Leagues are available six nights per week in Men's and Co-Rec across multiple skill levels. 

Games are played throughout the city of Roseville and begin at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00pm. 

Why Play In Roseville? 

  • Fun and Full Leagues: With over 140 teams per summer, Roseville offers a wide variety of competition at the men's and Co-Rec C and D levels. 
  • Up to Date Fields: We continue to update game fields to provide the best possible playing experience for all participants. 
  • No Hidden Fees: game balls, umpire fees, non-resident fee, taxes and playoffs for top teams are all included in your registration fee. 
  • No Managers Meeting or Ball Pick Up: managers will be sent a short online managers video and balls/scorebooks will be handed out at your first game 

 League Information 

  • Double Header (10 week/20 games) & playoffs*= $740/team
  • Singe Game (12 week/12 games) & playoffs*= $610/team
Teams with 75% Roseville residents on their roster are eligible to receive a $60 refund upon providing residency documentation for the entire roster.  

Registration Information

All registration is first come first serve. Full payment is due at the time of registration. 

Registration Options: 

Leagues Available- Summer 2023

League/Divison DH v. SG Program # League/Divison DH v. SG Program #
Monday Woodbat DH 6000.478 Thursday Men's C DH 6000.485
Monday Men's D DH 6000.479 Thursday Men's D DH 6000.486
Tuesday Men's D DH 6000.480      
Tuesday CoRec C DH 6000.481 Friday Men's D DH 6000.487
Tuesday CoRec D SG 6000.482 Friday CoRec D SG 6000.488
Wednesday Men's C DH 6000.483 Sunday Men's Upper D DH 6000.489
Wednesday Men's D  DH 6000.484 Sunday Men's Lower D DH 6000.490

Players Looking for Teams/Teams Looking for Players

If you would like to play but do not have a team, please fill out the free agents form. We will send your name and contact info to any team looking for players. 
If your team is in need of additional players, contact the league director to request access to the free agent list. 

Roseville Senior Softball 

Roseville also schedules the Roseville Senior Softball League on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during the summer and fall. Click here to find more information about the Senior Softball League, which is not a Roseville Parks & Recreation program. 

League Director

 David Peters