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Commercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency

Despite only making up 14% of the premises in Roseville, commercial and industrial users generate nearly twice the amount of energy when compared to the city’s total residential usage. 

Roseville’s Energy Action Plan Goal: Engage 100 small and medium-sized businesses annually through utility programs to save money on energy bills, allowing them to reinvest those dollars back into their business.

One-Stop Efficiency Shop®

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop® offers all-in-one special rebates and services for lighting and HVAC systems to small businesses with a monthly electric demand of 400 kilowatts or less. 

If you are interested in saving energy and money on your bills, you can go to the CEE website here to sign up for this service.

Business Energy Assessments

Targeted towards businesses of all sizes, Business Energy Assessments are designed to identify energy-efficiency opportunities while enabling you to make smart energy decisions. Participating in this program leads to the conservation of both money and energy while guiding you toward rebates that can offset your initial costs.

To get started, go to the Xcel Energy Website here to begin your Energy Assessment Match questionnaire. 

Efficiency Improvements

Equipment: Looking to save money and energy on various items in your business? An all-in-one list of available suggestions—including rebates—for different types of equipment such as computers, water pumps, compressed air, and refrigeration can be found on Xcel Energy’s website here.

Lighting: When switching to energy-efficient lighting, you can lower your upfront costs and jumpstart payback on improvement projects with lighting rebates and assessments. To find out more about Xcel Energy’s available programs such as their Lighting Redesign Studies and LED Lamp Upgrades, visit their website here

If you have additional questions, email the Business Solutions Center at or call at 855-839-8862.

Other Featured Programs:

If you are interested in learning more about Xcel Energy's industrial and commercial services—including suggestions specific to small businesses—you can find more information on their website here.


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