2021-2022 Deer Management

The City of Roseville’s deer population is currently estimated to be above the number appropriate for a healthy herd.  Based on the amount of suitable habitat in Roseville it has been determined that a population of 15 to 19 deer can best be supported. This season, an attempt will be made to reduce the herd by up to 49. 

Deer Population 2021
deer habitat

The goals of the program are to maintain a healthy herd, reduce property damage, respond to resident concerns as appropriate and possible, and to coordinate efforts with the USDA and the DNR (Department of Natural Resources). 

In early December, the USDA will begin baiting deer at these locations:

  • City storm water pond off Western Avenue and Hillsview East
  • Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Central Park
  • Owasso Hills Park
  • Reservoir Woods Park
  • Villa Park
  • Roseville Leaf Compost and Recycling Site

Control efforts will start once the appropriate number of deer begin using the bait stations. We expect these efforts to take place periodically between December 1, 2021 and conclude no later than the end of March 2022. Controls will take place on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings between dusk and dawn.  Suppressed firearms will be used, but some residents may still hear muffled gunshots. All meat will be donated to citizens in need by the USDA.   

2021-2022 Deer Reduction Letter FINAL
Deer Letter

Resident Letter

This letter was sent to residents near the control areas listed above to inform them of the 2021/2022 Deer Management.

Parks and Recreation Commission Deer Management Review

The Parks and Recreation Commission reviewed the deer population on June 1, 2021. 

Deer Car Issues

Reported Deer Observations or Incident:

The city continually tracks resident deer observations or incidents.

If you would like to submit a citizen's observation or a deer incident, please complete the Deer Monitoring Report form.

2020 Deer Feedback
2020 Deer Sightings by Quarter