Civic Campus Pre-Design Project

Updated Site Plan N-S Alignment Sept 2022

Upcoming Meeting:

Civic Campus Open House
Thursday, September 22, 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm 

City Hall (2660 Civic Center Dr)

The City of Roseville is continuing planning for the City’s Civic Campus, building on the general direction established during the 2020-2021 Civic Campus Master Plan (click on the link to visit the Civic Campus Master Plan website where you can view the final plan and view City Council meetings where the plan was presented and discussed).  Pre-design work for Phase I, which will include the Maintenance Facility and the License and Passport Center, is in the early stages and is expected to be finalized in the Fall of 2022 for official vote by the City Council by year’s end.  The primary goals of this pre-design effort are to confirm detailed space needs, continue working with project stakeholders to define project scope, to revisit preliminary cost estimates, and to further aid the City in defining a proposed schedule and phasing for future design and construction. 

Phase I scope includes redevelopment of property north of Woodhill, beginning the transition of the City’s Maintenance facilities to a single, consolidated site, per the City Council approved campus master plan scheme.  Implementation of this work would be phased, initially keeping the License and Passport Center and the VFW in operation in their existing locations; later phases would relocate these groups to new purpose-built facilities on the south side of Woodhill, enabling the remainder of the City’s maintenance equipment and staff to move to the north side.  This work, along with overall site improvements, lead by local architect, BKV GROUP, will enhance pedestrian safety, providing consolidated parking and new public green space, part of the overall vision for a unified civic campus for Roseville. 

The city will work hard to engage a broad and representative group of stakeholders surrounding the Civic Campus as well as those who frequent the location.  The city is committed to ensuring maximized engagement.  Eden Resources will be leading the City’s engagement efforts and assisting with communication and outreach.  As this pre-design effort progresses, there will be resources available for you to engage, interact and provide feedback regarding this planning, through  a variety of formats including but not limited to site forums, virtual meetings, and printed or digital updates of the work.  In advance of forthgoing publications, residents, businesses, and the community are encouraged to stay informed by visiting this website to watch for current concepts and plans.