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How do you see the future of Roseville? What does it look like? What type of buildings are there? Where do people live? What are the public spaces like? How do people get around? The City is undertaking a community visioning process to help answer these questions and more. 

This project is about confirming and updating the vision for the community and translating that vision into action. The city has seen a multitude of changes over the past decade. This project will help create a roadmap for the future of the city – one that responds to the values, needs, and aspirations of Roseville.

This planning process is just getting started and we need your help. Look for opportunities to get involved in the near future including fun events and an exciting interactive engagement experience! In addition to the traditional ways to share your vision, we are excited to try a new interactive community engagement tool called ‘Hello Lamp Post.’ This tool uses everyday objects in the community – like a park bench or a light pole – to start two-way conversations with people about what matters most in the community.

The city is finalizing the workplan and the project will be underway soon. Look for more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, sign up to receive updates and for information on upcoming opportunities to get involved.

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